The Shapeshifters “It’s Alright”

the shapeshifters

Now available on Nocturnal Groove is The Shapeshifters’ “It’s Alright.” This new dance track brings together housey rhythm and elements of nu disco to create a track that sounds like it comes from the decade of the 70′s. The Shapeshifters’ even include a soul-sounding saxophone progression to give the track its cool, feel-good sound, and […]

Pretty Lights “So Bright”


Pretty Lights’ latest release, “So Bright,” hits you like a midnight train in slow motion. Brimming over with intensity and a meandering fractured sensuality, this track is glitch hop meets dubstep meets soul. Its hard to tell where one sample ends and the other begins; all we know is that Pretty Lights producer and label […]

C2C “Arcades” Official Video

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 5.59.40 PM

C2C is comprised of four French DJs who present a technical dexterity that blends unique electronic influenced sounds, in addition to jazz, soul, and hip-hop. After taking a hiatus to work on various projects, the quartet reunited to release their first EP, “Down the Road,” on January 23rd of this year. The album, Tetra, scheduled […]

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