giraffage tell me video

Fantasy or Nightmare in ‘Tell Me’ Video by Giraffage

Cute dogs, psychedelic shapes, Big Mac’s and romance make the video for the Giraffage single ‘Tell Me’ extremely entertaining. It is hard to decipher what is going on in the video when people are seen with the heads of dogs and they give birth to a dog with a human head but it’s definitely a […]

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Video: R.Seiliog – Peripheral Thermal (Left)

Furthering the exploration of experimental electronic rhtyhms, R.Seiliog reveals his In Hz LP that features distorted synths, mesmerizing percussion, and an all around original feel that presents and new dynamic of sound construction. The official video for his track ‘Peripheral Thermal (Left)’ is an anamorphic montage of visuals that follows the experimental feel of the […]

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Jack U skrillex jump

Jack U Takes Us Back In Time With Their New Music Video

What begins as a black and white montage of Jack U‘s recently passed sets – notice the many shots of Mad Decent’s Block Party in Los Angeles – turns into an acid-esque frenzy of the two major DJ’s featuring Kiesza. Brighter illustrative doodles similar to Skrillex‘s Mothership tour video are used beginning at the tracks […]

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dusky yoohoo

Dusky – Yoohoo (Official Video)

Well, I can’t help but feel pretty strange after watching the new video from Dusky but it’s definitely a thought provoking visual display that gets me hyped for their music. A timeless piano riff layered over a steady beat makes for a beautifully simplistic house tune from the production duo who are currently on tour […]

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Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 11.53.45 AM

Video: Skrillex – ‘F*** That’ Fight Club

We love when a music video goes above and beyond the norm to tell a tale that is a reflection of the song itself. Skrillex presents the music video for his latest single ‘Fuck That’ which features an intense story of a man fighting in an underground boxing match in the middle east. His anger […]

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freak out

Carnage & Erick Morillo Let The Freaks In So They Could Let Their Inner Freak Out

In a latin car shop far, far away… from the laptop or phone you’re reading this on…. lives a young man who happened to flip to Channel 53. Oh, what’s channel 53 you ask? Why the most recent episode of Carnage & Erick Morillo‘s Emmy Award Nominated Series “Nipples & Panties” of course! And how […]

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Nils Frahm

The Brilliance of Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm stands alone as a man who is able to look at a piano or a keyboard and notice how to raise the bar of music and sound. After all, there are many notes that can be played on a piano, of course, but there is also a unique nature that he brings to […]

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Calvin Ellie

Video: Calvin Harris – Outside ft. Ellie Goulding

In the fourth single of Calvin Harris‘ latest LP, we see both him and Ellie Goulding dealing with the chaos of a relationship on the rocks. They’re in the same situation but in different relationships, ultimately ending up together. The vibrant imagery, glassware suspended in space and fiery arguments make for a thrilling work of […]

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Video: Destructo – ‘Dare You 2 Move ft. Problem’

“Hop in the whip, we’re about to go for a joy ride with the top down!” Destructo said to buzzing rapper Problem as he held an oversized fork like a bazooka. Little did Problem know that this innocent joy ride would turn into an odyssey that’ll lead the duo through grocery store aisles, the streets […]

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Feed Me Kill The Noise

Feed Me and Kill The Noise On A “Far Away” Journey

For the collab, the two famous bass-y DJs, Feed Me and Kill The Noise take on a multitude of dimension. “Far Away” as a track is a combination of unexpected elements that heightens a listener’s senses. On one level we hear a children’s choir belting their hearts, while on the other spectrum we hear the […]

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