3LAU HAUS #8 (Techibeats Hard Edition)

3lau haus

3LAU is one of the most talented up and coming names in EDM. From his performances at some of the biggest festivals to his stellar “Dance Floor Filth” mix tapes, 3LAU is headed to the top of the dance music world, and fast. Now, as a special gift to his fans, 3LAU has offered up […]

Major Lazer “Original Don” Flosstradamus Remix


The latest Major Lazer track, “Original Don” has gotten the remix treatment from Flosstradamus. We enjoy bing taken sonically by surprise. You think the track is going to go one way and BOOM,  it goes in a completely different direction. Get lost… in a good way. Go download for free on Flosstradamus facebook page. Major […]

Top Tracks of 2011


2011 ain’t over until the fat lady sings on a sick remix of your favorite club banger, (okay not really), but we love making lists so we just went ahead and an assembled our top tracks of the year a bit early. Withouth further ado, and in no particular order, here are the 18 songs […]

Major Lazer “Original Don” Music Video a la Diplo

Picture 1

600,000+ people have watched Jian Sword Dancing on YouTube. So, why not take the viral sensation, extend it, and add Major Lazer’s new single “Original Don” to the mix? Done! Thanks to Diplo, it’s been done. The video showcases the sword wielding woman and knife wielding man dancing wildly while a grandma and a dog […]

Major Lazer “Original Don” ft. The Partysquad (Crookers Remix)


Major Lazer – Original Don (Crookers Remix) by Vatos Blog Major Lazer is known for their insanely high energy live shows and music. “Original Don,” released on Interscope Records is a-daggers-you-in0-the chest-if-you’re-in-the-vicinity track. The EP comes equipped with a fantastic remix from Crookers, the original track and two other good remixes. If you have never […]

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