Nike Vision Sunglasses – Perfect for Festival Season

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The Sun; it may provide for desired weather but being outside all day at a festival, it can quickly become your foe. Now, Nike is stepping in to help  with their new line of  Nike Vision Sunglasses. Sunglasses are a necessary piece of your festival survival kit.  With numerous models, Nike Vision is a great choice […]

R.I.P my Nikes just killed the club

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These ones are for my ladies out there who like to run laps…on the dancefloor. The aptly titled “Disco Ball” Air Max 1s features eye catching silver snakeskin that looks like it was taken off of one of the defunct disco balls that shown its light on Studio 54 back in the day. Available in […]

The DJ Shoe Game


Whether its A-Trak in his Jordans, or Afrojack in his Air Force Ones, the shoe game behind the decks is as serious as the beats. The Shoe Game has compiled a list of the flyest kicks of EDM. Featuring the likes of Krewella and UZ, this Shoe Game compilation will have you throwing out those […]


mync quickie with a dj

Favorite drink? Alcohol? Virgin? Vodka and Apple Juice. If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? To be able to instantly transport me to gigs around the world as I hate long flights! Favorite candy / snack? Topic bars. What do you drive? Range Rover Sport. What kind of watch do you […]

Major Lazer toy by Kid Robot


Since 2002, Kidrobot has been the world’s premier limited edition art toys and apparel in collaboration with some of the world’s biggest and most talented artists and designers, including Marc Jacobs, Barney’s New York, The Standard Hotels, Playboy, Burton, Nike, Lacoste, and Nooka, just to name a few. Now, they have brought Major Lazer into […]

Quickie with a DJ: Shawn Castro

shawn castro

Favorite drink? Jagger + Redbull. If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? All of them. Favorite candy/snack? Snickers. What do you drive? Chrysler 300 C SRT8. What kind of watch do you wear? Michael Kors. Favorite sneakers? My patent leather Sperry’s and Nike Dunks. If you had one night left to […]

elektro Presents: 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

elektro holidayguide

The holiday season is fast approaching so we have compiled a list of items that would make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for your favorite bedroom DJ. We have trolled the interweb to find the most obscure and EDM inspired artifacts for you to bestow upon the dance enthusiast in your life. Now get our […]

Quickie with a DJ: Shreddie Mercury + “Spectrum” Remix Out Now

Shreddie Mercury

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? The power to make other people go to the bathroom involuntarily. I mean, how would they fight back after that? First job you ever had? I used to make pizzas at a grocery store in town. It was as thrilling as it sounds. Favorite […]

Quickie with a DJ: The Martinez Brothers


If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? Hmm, would probably be some kind of super power that gives us unlimited access to any musical instrument or piece of gear we want, white room matrix style..that would be pretty ill. First job you ever had? Working with kids at an after school […]



Not only is the fifth generation Nike Hyperdunk sporting a pair of state of the art function-enhancing elements (Flywire nylon siding + a reinforced midsection) for superior comfort and support, the re-upped kicks also offer above average style appeal via Nike iD, the brand’s online self-customization service. We’re into the glow in the dark options […]

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