Premiere: DANK & Frankie Bones – “My House”

DANK & Frankie Bones "My House" album artwork

Coming soon to Ultra Music is the new collaboration from DANK and Frankie Bones, “My House.” Ultra has made a habit out of bringing us the summer’s bangers year in and year out just in time for the biggest festivals, and this one is no different. “My House” comes complete with a pounding beat that […]

This Avicii remix is DANK… literally.


You know the Avicii single, “You Make Me.” Have you ever thought about it earning a trap remix? Probably not. Luckily for us, DANK had a vision. DANK has taken this feel good Avicii track and turned it into a trapped out banger. While we never could’ve imagined such a fusion of genres, we can’t […]

Dank “New York Fuckin City” Dank’s NYC Trap Edit

dank new york fucking city

Head honcho of Funky Elements Records aka Dank, has been making moves this year and his latest track honors his hometown with some hardhitting trap in “New York Fuckin’ City.” The track pulls you in with the infamous guitar riff from Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” paired with some claps and high frequency synth chords that […]

Krewella ‘Troll Mix’ Volume 1

krewella troll mix

Krewella is at it again, this time with a an hour long mix of pulse pounding tracks to get you going wild! Everything from drum & bass, moombahton, and electro house to dubstep and much more. Check out volume 1 of their new mix series ‘Troll Mix.’ We have been listening to it all morning! […]

Dank ft. jACQ “Crystals”


New York based producer Dank made a progressive beauty enlisting the help of vocalist jACQ with his new track “Crystals.” JaCQ’s angelic voice glides on top of some gorgeous synth chords and a beautiful melodic breakdown that gives a romantic sound that only Dank could create. “Crystals” is available now on Beatport via Funky Element […]

Dank “Punish The Wanker” OUT NOW ON BEATPORT


Dank has come out with a new tune, Punish the Wanker, on Funky Element Records. The hard-hitting tune starts out with a classic electro house drum kick. When the synths come in, a sort of hypnotic sound is created that transcends usual electro house material. The danceable track stands out thanks to its engaging, video-game […]

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