Beacon “The Phoenix” Wireless Speaker: When It Comes To Sound, Size Does NOT Matter


The title of this post says it all. I recently got my hands on a Beacon “Phoenix” Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and was able to test and play with it for a full weekend. When I received the tiny shopping bag containing the speaker, I thought someone had left a cupcake on my desk. Since the […]

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Quickie with a DJ: The Killabits + Premiere of Engine-Earz Ft. Lena Cullen “Reach You” The Killabits Remix

The Killabits Promo 2

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? Biz: Calling a time time out like Zack Morris on Saved By The Bell. Sam: Avicii’s superpower, the power to print money. First job you ever had? Biz: Worked at a grocery store but quit when they wouldn’t give me the weekend off to […]

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EDX “Touched” Preview

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 2.22.18 PM

Coming soon on Toolroom Records is EDX’s new single, “Touched”. This track is an electro-house production that supplies uplifting house synth progressions that brings Wolfgang Gartner’s “Redline” to memory. The melodic synth paints the mental picture of a club filled with hands in the sky, until the track changes pace as it transforms into a […]

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Borgore Ft. DJ Carnage “#TURNUP” Out Now


Known for his off-beat and unique musical style and performing personality, DJ Carnage is quickly making a name for himself in the world of bass music. He’s teamed up with dub step champion Borgore to create a new electro banger. “Turn Up” combines organic-sounding rhythms and hard-electro buildups with progressive-style synths and melodies to bring […]

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The SoniXx ft. Laura Newman “Intensive Care” FREE Download


The SoniXx brings us what may become the next electro anthem in “Intensive Care”. This new banger supplies a distinct electro sound, however, also includes elements of other genres to establish a unique sound. While its tempo and the track’s twangy synth provide the electro feel, the melodic blending of Laura Newman’s soothing vocals and […]

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Otto Knows “Million Voices” TORN Remix PREVIEW


There may be a million remixes of Otto Knows’ “Million Voices” by now, but this one managed to catch our ear and steal our attention. 24-year-old Swedish DJ and producer Jonas Torn has pieced together a masterful re-work that preserves the uplifting feel of the original progressive anthem while injecting a double dose of electro […]

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Kimbra “Come Into My Head” Opiuo Remix FREE DOWNLOAD


Australian based DJ/producer Opiuo has given us some musical nectar for our ears or “Smoochy bass musical joy” as he likes to call it with his remix of Kimbra’s “Come Into My Head.” Opiuo hits you straight in the chest with a drop full of some turning and twisting bass that gives the song a […]

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Bluestone “Capetown” Out now on Anjunabeats


His hit track, “Namaste” made waves when it debuted last year in Miami; “Capetown” is no different. Touching on those same eastern inspired vocals, Ilan Bluestone has crafted a track that is soulful, powerful, and full of body. Violin instrumentals add a sensuality to this trance-melodic piece that is off-set by thundering basslines. Known for […]

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Kill The Buzz “Party Hard”


Kill The Buzz is a brand new producer who has found a home on Hardwell’s label, Revealed Recordings. His recent production, “Party Hard”, shows why this up-and-coming 24 year old producer fits comfortably on his fellow Dutch producer’s label. His production skills appear to be top-notch, as this new banger supplies clean production that matches […]

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Beatport Ranks The top 10 scariest dance tracks of all time


Just in time for Halloween, the folks at Beatport have brought us their list for the top 10 scariest tracks of all time. As we prepare to celebrate Halloween-inspired events like the Pier Of Fear and Escape From Wonderland 2: Alice’s Revenge, these are some tracks that can hold you over and keep you in […]

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