The 20 Best Photos from Skrillex’s ‘Secret’ Warehouse Party

Valentines day marked the last stop of Skrillex’s takeover tour in New York City and what better venue than a random warehouse on the outskirts of Brooklyn to host the dub phenom. The venue captured the underground rave scene except that the artist playing was far from underground. His lengthy set spanned all genres of music from acid house to trap, yet seamlessly integrated those different genres into the dubstep anthems he is so famous for. Two hours into the non-stop dancing Skrilex brings out special guest A$AP Ferg to perform his famous anthems “Work” and “Shabba.” In a culture now prevalently dominated by multi-million dollar tours, we applaud Skrillex and his team for their decision to keep the Takeover shows low-key, and bring things back to what matters the most; the music. He was able to evoke that raw “old-school underground warehouse rave” energy and emotion in the crowd, which made the night one to remember.

Photo credit: Warren Whitmore
Words by: Ralphio Louis

  • Preston Tanner

    I was at this show, is there a full photo album? Link me please!

  • Dave JDB

    These shots are pretty lame though. I could take 50 better shots than this with my eyes closed.

  • Trevor

    Right after his set

  • Trevor


  • Ryan Kelly

    How about the one with him wear the SpaunMau5 head? that didn’t make the cut???

  • MisaThePink Weasel

    It is proven, skrillex is an alien

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