Bam Margera throws his hat into the Dubstep ring

As we’ve witnessed in the past few years, everyone under the sun seems to want to jump on the dubstep trend to stay relevant. Now we have Bam Margera taking a crack at his own…unique.. dubstep sound. Under the moniker “Fuckface Unstoppable” Margera has released a beat that is decently well produced, but the lyrics of Margera seriously call into question the songs integrity and will be impossible for anyone to take seriously. Titled “Bend My Dick To My Ass” (Sigh, I know) Margera has inserted a plethora of inappropriate lyrics that are very NSFW. I’m crossing my fingers that this is all fun and games and not a serious venture into the world of EDM for Margera. Clearly a ploy to resurge a fading career, “Fuckface Unstoppable”, is probably destined to be a one hit wonder.

Courtesy of Dim Mak.

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