4am x elektro event recap

4am elektro

On December 1st, elektro hosted an event at the Highline Ballroom in New York City, which showcased some of the top talent 4AM, the New York-based DJ/Producer Talent Agency, has to offer. As 4AM has provided great music to many of the top dance clubs and most exclusive venues in New York, on this night, […]

A Pre Arrival NYC July 4th Chat with Ken Loi

Portraits of DJ Ken Loi in Brooklyn, NY

Where are you from? I was born in Australia but I moved to California by age 2 and grew up here, so I would say I am from San Francisco bay area. At what age did you start DJing? I started learning to DJ probably around 20 something…was always a producer first and didn’t really […]

elektro will take you behind the turntables into the lives of the DJ, sharing their passion for the music, giving fans an all access backstage pass.

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