Converse Rubber Tracks: In Search of Sound with Fool’s Gold

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Fool’s Gold has teamed up with Converse’s “Rubber Tracks” for a brand new video that follows Fool’s Gold artists as they travel Brooklyn in search of sound samples. Starting in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Flosstradamus and Party Supplies hit local hardware store, Crest Hardware, recording the sounds of trash can lids, gravel, chain links, and […]

Drop the Lime’s Tour of Brooklyn Teaser Trailer


Last month, Drop the Lime gave Cultivora a tour of his favorite Williamsburg, Brooklyn spots. Above is a teaser of what you can expect to see on October 10th. In the meantime, you can check in HERE every Wednesday for installments from their interview with Drop the Lime. Are you looking forward to seeing this? […]

elektro will take you behind the turntables into the lives of the DJ, sharing their passion for the music, giving fans an all access backstage pass.

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