Victor Niglio takes trap from the club to the festival circuit

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Victor Niglio and his frequent collaborator Carnage have really got this Festival Trap genre down-packed. Victor Niglio threw his flavor all over Plastik Funk and Tujamo’s classic “WHO” and has made it into a trap banger that will surely be in every sit for the next year. The Philly based DJ/producer takes the original horn […]

3LAU HAUS #8 (Techibeats Hard Edition)

3lau haus

3LAU is one of the most talented up and coming names in EDM. From his performances at some of the biggest festivals to his stellar “Dance Floor Filth” mix tapes, 3LAU is headed to the top of the dance music world, and fast. Now, as a special gift to his fans, 3LAU has offered up […]

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