Traktor releases DJ cable splitter


Native Instruments always keeps us on our toes with their innovative and functional releases and updates, and this time around they’ve brought the Traktor name to one of the most basic and essential needs for a DJ mixing: the cable splitter. The split option works smoothly on all Traktor DJ platforms, including its iPad and […]

Redesigned Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 Available August 1st

Since its release back in 2010, the Traktor Kontrol X1 has received massive acclaim from the likes of esteemed equipment authorities like Computer Music and Music Tech. Now the folks at Native Instruments have given the Kontrol X1 a new spin, redesigning the hardware to include features for a more streamlined mixing experience. Along with […]

Traktor DJ app for iPhone and iPod Touch


Last week, Native Instruments released the TRAKTOR DJ app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It piggybacks off the iPad version, with an interface optimal for the other devices. The app is a continuation of Native Instrument’s goal of using touch-controlled waveform displays to interact with music. TRAKTOR DJ features a dedicated 3-band EQ, filter […]

Electrix Pro Tweaker

The Electrix Pro Tweaker is a controller for music producers, arriving with a 32 button grid, push encoders with LED ring in a 2 channel DJ mixer style interface. It is compatible for Traktor, Ableton, and Serato users, in addition to allowing for custom options based on preference.

Traktor DJ iPad app

Native Instruments has adapted Traktor Pro for the iOS platform, signaling another step technology that increases the accessibility and lowers the learning curve for DJ equipment. The Traktor DJ iPad app is an entry-level software that exposes the user to everything from loops, finger-trigger sounds, and beatmapping to controlling waveforms. Freeze Mode allows users to […]

Quickie with a DJ: X5IGHT


Favorite drink? Alcohol? Virgin? Jerry: Purple Drank with a bendy straw Brandon: Strawberry Lemonade If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? Jerry: Read minds Brandon: The ability to “read minds” Favorite candy / snack? Jerry: Fun Dip Brandon: Fun Dip & Sunflower Seeds What do you drive? Jerry: 2002 Ford Taurus […]

The Traktor Cookery School


At the 2012 Amsterdam Dance Event, one of the biggest dance music events in the world, Native Instruments hosted the “Traktor Cookery School.” This unique event brought dance music and culinary arts together, inviting leading industry figures and esteemed DJ/producers to mix their favorite ingredients in the kitchen and share their delicious creations with guests, […]

Native Instrument’s Traktor Kontrol Z2


NI’s latest DJ Controller, the Traktor Kontrol Z2, is the first 2+2 DJ control mixer (2 stand-alone channels and 2 full remix channels). It features an intuitive lay-out for DJs (mixer, effects, Kontrol section) with a spacious control surface and a high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum chassis. The software, which is included in the package, arrives with […]

TRAKTOR Remix sets from Native Instruments


Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR Remix Sets, compatible with TRAKTOR software with Remix Deck Technology, provide complete tracks by artists for enhancing sets and live remixing. The series kicks off with M.A.N.D.Y’s ‘Twisted Sister’ track, which provides 64 loops and one-shot samples identified by groups, pages, and color (e.g. drums – red; bass – pink; synthesizer lead […]

Quickie with a DJ: Kid Womp

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Favorite drink? Alcohol? Virgin? Virgin Margarita. Alcoholic White Russian. Scariest groupie moment? I had one creepy dude try to hold my hand after I did a set at a party. It was a very awkward situation haha. If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? I’ve always been fascinated with time warping/ […]

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