Pioneer launches S-DJ X Speakers


Pioneer continues to dominate the DJ equipment market thanks to their attention to quality and demand. Although many of the company’s products may be out of reach for DJs and producers just starting out, the company is making sure they cover all their bases with the release of their S-DJ X line of speakers. Coming […]

Teddy Bear mp3 speakers

teddy bear speakers

Here is a solid gift option for a child or a friend/significant other who likes plush toys and music. The Teddy Bear Speaker comes with a 3.5mm connector to serve as a speaker for most audio devices. Available in pink, white, or blue. Purchase HERE.

Trio, three-way spherical horn speakers

trio_bild1 speakers

The Trio, a three-way spherical horn speaker from Avantgarde Acoustics, features state-of-the-art characteristics from a design and audio perspective. The speakers arrive in a unique trio of spherical horn designs, ranging from a 7inch high-range to a 23inch midrange to a 38inch low-midrange horn. There is the option to customize exterior via a range of […]

Rugged Rukus & Rukus XL, solar powered speakers


Eton continues to expand on its solar powered gadget offerings with the Rugged Rukus and Rukus XL, recently introduced at the CES. Both devices are solar powered speakers, with the latter being the larger of the two. The XL features a 72 square inch solar panel on the top, which boasts all-day streaming with 5 […]

Transparent speakers from People People


Transparent Speaker is an interesting project via Kickstarter. Created by Swedish industrial design firm People People, the Transparent Speaker is a high quality, sustainable speaker design. It features a transparent case which showcases the components of the speaker – a 6.5 inch sub and two 3 inch drivers. For audiophiles who are more hands on, […]

Edifier e10 Exclaim Speakers


Audio firm Edifier is a high-end manufacturer of consumer audio, vertically integrated to do everything in-house (R&D, design, assembly, etc). Their latest product is the e10 Exclaim, a sleek-looking speaker system which features an upper section containing its midrange/tweeter unit and a passive radiator. The base contains a 3in woofer in addition to a 3in […]

iBam 2, bamboo speakers


Continuing the string of creative product launches for the iPhone is the iBam2, a handcrafted bamboo speaker. Developed by Singapore-based Pasargora (Sustainable Living Lab), the product uses bamboo to channel and amplify sound with a dock in the center of the device. The pouch is handcrafted by disadvantaged women in Singapore and a portion of […]

Audyssey Wireless Speakers


Despite the advances in audio technology over the past decade, wired technology has remained a burden (at least the wired part). Audyssey Laboratories, which specializes in addressing problems in sound reproduction systems, has taken steps in the right direction with the release of the Audyssey Wireless Speakers. The speakers are built for your PC, bluetooth […]

Turn Up the Volume with Mac App Boom


Ever wish you could make the volume on your Apple speakers louder to project just a tad bit more of sound and awesome music files? Well, now you can! Global Delight, a self-funded India-based developer, the folks behind the app Boom adds an extra control slider to the volume bar, which is user friendly and […]

Pioneer SMA Wireless Speakers


Looking for some new speakers to kick your home up a notch? Pioneer just announced the release of its newest line of signature sound quality wireless speakers – featuring the XW-SMA1, XW-SMA3, and XW-SMA4; all of which are conveniently compatible with Apple products. The new line of speakers are AirPlay enabled, meaning you can play […]

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