Quickie with a DJ: R3Y GUTI3RR3Z

quickie r3y guti3rr3z

Favorite drink? Vodka Redbull – (aka Miami Bitch Drink): Ketel One Vodka gives me just enough liquid courage to improvise and experiment during my sets. The sugarless Redbull keeps me going, plus If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? The power of Kirill. #becauseboobs #champagnefacials Favorite candy / snack? Skittles/Starburst Variety […]

Sony NWZ-W27, waterproof earphones and mp3 players


Designed for individuals with active, aquatic lifestyle, Sony’s NWZ-W27 earphones are waterproof, wire-free, and hands-free. It features eight hours of playback. While the internal memory is a bit skimpy at 4gb, the earphones do compensate by boasting a quick-charge function that adds an hour of playback with a 3 minute charge. Read more HERE.

Daft Punk to release 4th studio album this Spring with Sony

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After recent comments made by Nile Rodgers, rumors have been swirling about the potential of a 4th Daft Punk album near completion. Fueling the fires French news outlet, , have now confirmed both a new album coming in the spring, as well as a new home for the duo at Sony. This project will be […]

Sony MDR-1 Headphones


From Sony comes the new MDR-1 line of premium headphones, developed in collaboration with individuals from Sony Music Entertainment – sing songwriter Katy B, dubstep group Magnetic Man, engineer Naweed Ahmed. The headphones are available in 3 models beginning in October: the standard MDR-1R wired, the wireless MDR-1RBT boasting 30 hours of battery life between […]

Listen to Calvin Harris’ 18 Months for free…as long you keep dancing


We Make Awesome Sh.it are innovators in the digital world, having worked with the likes of Microsoft, Intel, Sony, etc on creative projects. The latest was a solution for Columbia Record as part of a promo for Calvin Harris’ new album, 18 Months. The app allows fans to listen to the entire album with one […]

Sony MDR-NC500, noise-cancelling headphones


For the frequent traveller, noise-cancellation headphones are an essential item. Noise-cancelling technology has come a long way. The essence of the technology is to create a sound wave that emits a sound with the same amplitude but with an inverted phase, also called antinoise. The dynamism of the outside environment presents obvious complications to the […]

Simon Cowell announces line of high-end headphones


Simon Cowell is the latest celebrity to enter the lucrative high-end headphone industry, stamping his name on a line of headphones. In development with Sony, Cowell’s X Headphones are priced to compete with Dr. Dre’s Beats line ($299). The headphones will undergo an advertisement blitz on Cowell’s X Factor show and will be distributed by […]

Lolla Remix Throwdown 2012


Lollapalooza is looking to bring some fresh EDM blood to its Chicago festival, and has brought back its “Lolla Remix Throwdown” for 2012 to do so. Entrants can submit their remixes of Lollapalooza artist Delta Spirit’s single, “California”, between now and June 24th for a chance to win some amazing prizes, including a chance to […]

Jack Beats ft. Donae’o “You Should Know”

Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 7.38.39 PM

London Duo Jack Beats has released the audio for the new track “You Should Know,” featuring the vocals of Donae’o. We are loving this track. It will have your head bouncing for the full five minutes of the video. Look for the track to be released on May 13th with remixes coming from Qulinez, Botnek, […]

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