Downlink, Schoolboy, & Mutrix @ Austin’s Fuel Room, IL 4/26


On Friday April 26th, Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville, IL (about 30 min north of Chicago) welcomed the biggest EDM lineup they have had to date. Supporting locals including, LadyRaven, Milk’n’Cookies, and Anova, Along with national superstars Schoolboy and Downlink, and one up and comer by the name of Mutrix. It was pretty comical hanging […]

Downlink & Schoolboy @ Austin’s Fuel Room 4/26

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On Friday April 26th, Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville, will be bringing a two headed monster of a show to shake the suburbs of Chicago. Drum’n’Bass and dubstep all-star Downlink will be the headliner with support from Schoolboy. This venue is new to the EDM world, usually housing alternative rock acts, lately they have been […]

SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola SOLdier Shuttle


Do you have your ticket for weekend 2 of Ultra Music Festival? You do?! Great! Prepare for a weekend of memories you’ll never forget! Have you figured out how you’re getting to and from the festival? No? Okay, but don’t worry! SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola are here to help (and save you some money in […]

Dirtyphonics “Walk In The Fire” EP


The French have confirmed time and time again that they are some of the most innovative producers in electronic music. One of the best examples of the talent that comes out of the EU powerhouse is Dirtyphonics. The Dim Mak duo has tampered with almost every subgenre of EDM possible and will be releasing their […]

Schoolboy “Project No-Autotune” Out Now

When L.A.-based producer Schoolboy wrote the plot behind the music video for his new single “Project No-Autotune,” he looked to Project Mayhem from the movie Fight Club for inspiration. In the iconic film, Tyler Durden’s band of white-collar guerilla warriors take down the Los Angeles skyline. But Schoolboy, 26-year-old Erik Castro, scripted in a trio […]

Elektro Exclusive Interview w/ Whiiite + ‘Whiiite Begins’ EP Out Now


Who is Whiiite? Whiiite is the product of an illegal experiment gone wrong. Chris White was kidnapped outside the Avalon in Hollywood on May 12, 2012… He returned to the venue on May 14th delirious and with no recollection of the events of the previous 72 hours… go to

Whiiite & Schoolboy “Houdini” Official Music Video


His fans call him the “zombie bass producer,” but his tracks are anything but dead. Loaded with energy and vivacity, Whiiite’s latest collaboration with Los Angeles rising star Schoolboy is a track that takes listeners on an audio journey that’s dark, unpredictable, and full of spontaneous assaults of grinding bass. What’s more, director Ryan Valdez […]

Schoolboy “Aftershock” OFFICIAL VIDEO


Schoolboy, has quickly established his name in the EDM world after releasing his massive remix of SHM & Knife Party’s “Antidote” which has received an incredible amount of support from Knife Party, who has played the remix at every major festival around the globe. He has major support from the likes of Koan Sound, Kill […]

Dim Mak releases Infected Mushroom “Nation of Wusses” Remix Package

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One of the newest artists signed onto Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak records, Infected Mushroom have brought their huge psychedelic trance popularity from Israel into the U.S. with a remix package for “Nation of Wusses.” The track is the second single from their current album Army of Mushrooms, and packs a supped-up piece of electro partnered […]

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