Oliver: Quickie With A DJ

Photo courtesy of Rukes.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Vaughn: I wanted to be a comic artist… yeah, illustrating. What was your first job? Vaughn: My first job was at McDonald’s man. Working the grill son. I can still make a Big Mac like a boss. Peers in the music industry you look to as […]

The Chainsmokers: Quickie With A DJ


What did you guys want to be when you grew up if it wasn’t a DJ? Alex: Basketball player. Drew: A really rich and successful entrepreneur. Who do you look up to in the music industry? Drew: Drake Alex: Yeah, Drake. And Calvin. The first job you guys ever had? Drew: I worked at a […]

Quickie with a DJ: Doc Hollywood + exclusive premiere of “Palm Springs Beach House (Nu Disco Remix)”

Doc Hollywood - Palm Springs Beach House (Nu Disco Remix)

Favorite place on earth? Louie: Right now it’s probably Palm Springs. They’re playing our new track “Palm Springs Beach House” on the radio there. It’s pretty surreal. Can’t wait to head there for Coachella this week. Lex: My favorite place right now is definitely the shower. I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve Jobs created the […]

Quickie With A DJ: Hex Hector


Favorite place on earth? Tulum Mexico. Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment? My Pioneer HD 2000 headphone customized to a lollipop and my new Traktor Kontrol S2 MK II. Biggest influence on your music? Too many to mention. Top 5. My Grandmother, Trevor Horn, Larry Levan, Kenny Carpentar, Junior Vasquez. Favorite item of clothing? […]

Quickie With A DJ: Wiwek


Favorite place on earth? Wiwek: My Studio. Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment? Wiwek: Stanton DJ Pro 2000. Biggest influence on your music? Wiwek: Diplo. Favorite item of clothing? Wiwek: Socks. Favorite snack? Wiwek: Ricewaffles. Celebrity crush? Wiwek: Jahan from Krewella without doubt. Thing you’re most excited for in 2013? Wiwek: Touring. Song you’re […]

Quickie With A DJ: Alex Cecil


- Favorite place on earth? ALEX: Berlin – Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment? ALEX: V-moda headphones and McIntosh Turntable – Biggest influence on your music? ALEX: Digitalism – Favorite item of clothing? ALEX: Red plaid pants – Favorite snack? ALEX: Large gummy bears – Celebrity crush? ALEX: Natalie Portman – Thing you’re most […]

Quickie With A DJ: Neosignal


Favorite place on earth? By the seaside, no matter where. Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment? Sennheiser HD25 and Pioneer CDJ’s 2000. Biggest influence on your music? Other arts and life in general. Favorite item of clothing? Shoes. Favorite snack? Bananas. Celebrity crush? R2D2 and C-3P0. Thing you’re most excited for in 2013? Our […]

Quickie with a DJ: The Aston Shuffle


Favorite place on earth? http://browncardigan.com/ Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment? Sennheiser HD25 // Serato Biggest influence on your music? Our families – they’re probably our harshest critics but usually right more often than not. Favorite item of clothing? Mikah – My pair of Alomar Vans Vance – the pair of jeans which I just discovered […]

Quickie With A DJ: Jounce


Favorite place on earth? In the studio. Music isn’t just a passion of mine, it’s my life. When I am not performing I prefer to be creating. To me it’s important to keep those creative energies flowing as much as possible! Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment? My Ultimate Ears (UE11’s) in-ear monitors. I […]

Quickie With A DJ

You’ve seen our “Quickie With A DJ” posts, where we pick the brains of some of our favorite DJs and producers. Now, we’re taking it a step further, as we sat down with some of the best up and comers in the game right now for your viewing pleasure! Check out our first “Quickie With […]

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