On our OG swag…literally

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The actual OG, Oscar G, is back with some fresh street swag. An exclusive line of snap backs features the Nervous Records logo and the Oscar G logo in a number of different styles featuring 3D emblems. Perfect for the house head holiday season, pick up your snapbacks, available for $39.99, over on the Nervous […]

elektro x Pacha NYC 7 Year Anniversary Celebration Contest Part 1 w/ Boris & Oscar G Dec 15th

Saturday Dec 15

Pacha NYC is one of, if not the most prestigious nightclub in America. This year they are celebrating their 7 year anniversary w/ a slew of amazing shows with some of the biggest DJ’s on the planet. This Friday December 15th they have NYC favorites Boris & Oscar G. Who wants to win a VIP […]

Oscar G Calls Out Club Culture: “DJs Are Going to Have to Grow Some Balls” – via Crossfade


​​If Miami wasn’t always a house music town, DJ-producer Oscar Gaetan did plenty to change that in the ’90s. In fact, his production outfit and eponymous label Murk with Ralph Falcon is widely considered essential house listening. As Intruder, Liberty City, Funky Green Dogs and more, the Murk boys perfected that sultry ’90s vocal jacking house formula, seeing seven […]

elektro will take you behind the turntables into the lives of the DJ, sharing their passion for the music, giving fans an all access backstage pass.

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