Chuckie & Junxterjack “Make Some Noise” Remixes Out Now


If you’ve been to a festival in the last couple of months, you’ve probably heard this massive hit by Chuckie and Junxterjack—in fact, Dirty Dutch made it the official anthem for its Exodus show. Don’t think the party stops there, though—the two EDM hard-hitters have just announced the release of an official remix package for […]

Chuckie & Junxterjack “Make Some Noise”


Even though it hasn’t officially been released until now, music fans are no strangers to this banging hit by Chuckie and Junxerjack. DJs have been dropping it in their sets for the last couple months now, and its no wonder why—“Make Some Noise’s” dirty dutch sound and steely electro drops are perfect for getting the […]

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