JBL Onbeat Rumble, docking speaker for Apple products


JBL Onbeat Rumble is yet another docking speaker for Apple gadgets. The speaker boasts a built-in 4.5in subwoofer, high-quality wireless audio streaming, slipstream technology (supposedly reduces distortion), among other features. However, at a price tag of $399, there are cheaper options out there on par with the quality of Onbeat Rumble. Purchase on JBL.

JBL Charge, portable charger and wireless audio device


The JBL Charge is another portable audio speaker, but it also functions as a gadget to recharge your various mobile devices. The speaker comes with two 1 5/8in drivers and a built-in bass port. A 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery allows up to 12 hours of playback on a full charge. For the $150 price tag, […]

Libratone Live Speaker

Libertone Live Speaker

The Libratone Live Speaker is a high-end gadget ($699.95-$799.95) designed for audiophiles who are also looking for a speaker that blends in with the surrounding furniture. The Libratone speaker streams music wirelessly from Apple products, featuring technology that supposedly provides all encompassing, 360 degree sound coverage. Kristian Kroyer, the designer of Libratone, has a pedigree […]

JBL SoundFly Air

JBL Soundfly

For compactness and wireless capabilities, JBL’s SoundFly Air appears to be one of the top contenders. It arrives as a 20W box (measures 3-5/8 in x 190mm x 2-13/16 in) and plugs directly into your wall outlet. SoundFly Air also arrives with a downloadable app that allows the user to browse music with cover art, […]

iPhone 5 compatible JBL speaker docks

JBL speaker dock

The latest versions of the iPhone and iPad, which feature a smaller Lightning connector, are frustratingly incompatible with previous speaker docks consumers may have purchased with prior models. While it doesn’t offer complete relief (since the consumer has to pay extra), JBL has launched a series of Lightning-enables speaker docks. There are two versions, the […]

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