RBMANYC: ‘Four Corners of the Clash’ + Interviews with Just Blaze, “Star Eyes,” & Max Glazer


It was a nice, breezy night in Williamsburg, when a room full of music aficionados got together and enjoyed Red Bull Music Academy‘s Four Corners of the Clash. Four Corners–an event that joined heavy-hitting forces Que Bajo, Federation sound, Just Blaze, and Trouble & Bass–reunited the competitors from last year’s Culture Clash, but this time as […]

“Fall In Love” with this Moody Good cut of a hip-hop classic

slum village

The Slum Village classic “Fall In Love” has entered the electronic world, thanks to a unique reworking from Moody Good. This remix gives the tune a wobbly, bassy new feel that remains true to the track’s original and unforgettable melody. This one is sure to put Moody Good on your map, so check it out […]

Oliver produces 100s new single, “Ten Freaky Hoes”


Vaughn Oliver of the Fool’s Gold disco duo, Oliver, has teamed up with 100s – a Berkley based rapper that is also signed to the Fool’s Gold imprint. This track is almost as pimpalicious as 100s perm but in the meanwhile… props to Oliver.

This can’t be serious…


Borgore is known for his infatuation with the ladies. Now, he’s released a hip-hop track that takes its listeners inside his non-stop party life. Disclaimer: We are not a rap magazine but we’ll give our two cents anyway… it’s bad. The fan comments tell the whole story here. Check out some of the reactions on […]

TNGHT gets a taste of their ‘Future’ production

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 12.02.13 PM

It has been two short weeks since hip-hop production duo TNGHT, consisting of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, uploaded a video that hinted at a possible hiatus. However, Pitchfork TV Selector was able to sit down with two beats and one rhyme; that being the duo TNGHT and Atlanta-based rapper, Future. Pitchfork’s Eavvon O’Neal sat down […]

I’ve got fives on it. Classic hip hop gets a second lease at life from ETC!ETC! and Whiiite


Taking a page from the classic hip hop playbook, ETC!ETC! and Whiiite remix Luniz’s “I Got Five On It.” Revitalizing the 1994 classic for 2013, Whiiite and ETC!ETC! give it an 808 heavy remix to appease all you trap addicts. The unmistakeable west coast sound shines through with just enough for a trap overhaul. Whether […]

Brodinski proves he is the Beat King


Paris’ most swagged out export, Brodinski, continues to impress us with his immense knowledge of all genres, from tech house to hip hop. What make Brodinksi one of the most idolized figues in the dance music industry is that he is unafraid to mix and match genres while still retaining his ultra suave flare. His […]

3lau “Haus 16″ Mix


Party monster 3LAU is going to take over the party scene with his latest release “Haus 16,” which brings an eclectic pot of sounds that go from vintage hip-hop to minimal big room house. Nineteen banging tracks packed into 28 minutes, 3LAU keeps the energy level on 100 with this master mix. If all this […]

Snowball Music Festival in a Nutshell


You wouldn’t think that a festival in the very cold Rocky Mountains at the end of winter would really work. It is all snowy, the temperature is below freezing, and the ground is icy enough to slip on. But, for some reason it works well-really, really well. There is just something about it that is […]

Montell Jordan “This Is How We Do It” Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix


There is nothing like hearing a 90’s hip-hop classic thrown into the middle of a DJ set. Now groove extraordinaire, Viceroy, has revived the classic Montell Jordan track “This Is How We Do It.” The all too familiar old school smash has gotten a funkalicious nu-disco revival that will add flavor to any scenario. As […]

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