Want a lick of glow in the dark ice cream? That’ll cost you a cool $225

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You know how you’ve always thought something was missing from your ice cream, but you couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was? Turns out it was the lack of florescent coloring in your scoops – that is if you’re a die-hard electronic music lover. The Huffington Post tells us about Lick Me Delicious, an U.K. gourmet […]

American Apparel Glow In The Dark Nail Polish


In today’s raving scene, any self-respecting girl can’t show up to an event without getting her shine on. You’ve got your spirit head and furry boots on deck; now all you’re missing is that special glow. That’s where American Apparel’s Glow in the Dark polish come in handy – no pun intended. The retailer offers […]

Kilo Glow, glow-in-the-dark bike frame

glow bike

Doubling as a safety and style feature, the Kilo is a glow-in-the-dark fixed gear bike frae. The paint is solar-activated, so users need to ride during the daytime to activate the paint during nighttime (an hour of riding during the day reportedly provides a commensurate amount of glow-in-the-dark activation). However, the body frame is not […]



Converse has released an all new Glow in the Dark Chuck Taylor All Star. Last March we posted the all White sneaker and now this time around they have created an all black sneaker. This sneaker is afavorite of rockstars, rebels, and sneakerheads alike for the past 60 years. What do you think? Will you […]

Glow-in-the-dark shot glasses


The Shot in the Dark shot glasses glow a bright green in the dark. Perfect for a blacklight party or a reason to just drink in the dark. Purchase HERE.

Glow In The Dark Balenciaga Arena Sneakers


Want to stand out at concerts and clubs even more in a fashionable way? Check out these glow in the dark balenciaga arena sneakers. Featuring lambskin with rubber sole, tone-on-tone laces, and of course the ability to glow in the dark. A must have for the fashionably loud! Check them out HERE.



Not only is the fifth generation Nike Hyperdunk sporting a pair of state of the art function-enhancing elements (Flywire nylon siding + a reinforced midsection) for superior comfort and support, the re-upped kicks also offer above average style appeal via Nike iD, the brand’s online self-customization service. We’re into the glow in the dark options […]

Festival Fashion: Light Up Sneakers

lights up shoes

We swoon for a fresh pairs of sneakers, and nothing much fresher has crossed our style radar recently than this pair of kicks, a power trio collaboration between Japanese retailers WHIZ Limited and mita sneakers plus Stateside shoe mongers New Balance. These red, white, black and blue kicks feature a glow-in-the-dark underlay beneath WHIZ’s signature […]

Converse Glow in the Dark Chuck Taylor All-Star


Looking for some new Chuck Taylor All-Star’s to rock? Always! For an added kick they glow in the dark? The best best part? You can customize the upper, rubber sole, tongue and laces. They retail at $90. Buy the shoes here.

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