Excision & Downlink Throw Some Bass On a Queen Classic

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  Excision: Soundcloud // Facebook // Website  Downlink: Soundcloud // Facebook -Grace Sandford

Reflections’ “My Cancer” earns a hard-hitting remix from Mechanize


Electronic and metal music have crossed paths before, whether it be bands like Ministry, Enter Shikari and Korn incorporating different types of EDM styles into their songs, to producers like Zedd, Excision and Skrillex remixing their favorite metal jams. Some metal musicians have even started producing remixes themselves, such as Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee […]

Destroid Gets Stupid


The two heaviest genres have came together for a massive mind warp that will literally blow the roof off a place. Dubstep maven Excision has come together with Space Laces for a dubstep/hardstyle fusion called “Destroid 11 Get Stupid” that will annihilate any set it touches. Starting off with a high frequency bass grind, the […]

Excision vs Shrapnel ‘Megabomb’ T-shirt collaboration


Shrapnel Streetwear is typically known for their “Bass Music inspired Streetwear for Cyborgs, Robots and Humanized Machines.” Because of their endless devotion to heavy bass and killer threads, they’ve recently partnered up with Excision to bring us a collab tee just in time for Excision’s appearance at this weekend’s Electric Zoo. For a small fee […]

Dubstep supergroup ‘Destroid’ debuted in san francisco

Checkout the new DJ supergroup compiled of Downlink, Excision, and Pendelum’s KJ Sawka. Destroid straps on futuristic suits and state of the art midi “guitars” that control Ableton to become the GWAR of EDM. Aiming to only play as Destroid for the biggest events, Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka are creating a unique identity for […]

Excision at the Congress Theater on January 26th Reviewed

excision con gress theater

If you were to check the Richter scale on the evening of January 26th, I’m positive there was some seismic activity. Excision rolled through Chicago (or should I say vibrated) for his much anticipated executioner tour. The Congress Theater was packed early on, as many people were anxious to catch United Kingdom bred opener, Zomboy. […]

Excision Jan 26th at Congress Theater

excision congress theater

The Congress Theater might be in a different neighborhood once Excision is done with his set on January 26th. React Presents is bringing Excision’s notorious 100,000 watts of bone crushing sound along with his executioner stage setup to Chicago. If you want some filthy bass in your face, this is the show to be at. […]

Excision’s Executioner Tour Announced

excision tour

Excision’s Executioner Tour will rattle the foundations of venues all over North America when he touches down and begins his 50+ date North American tour and spreads an insane amount of bass while wowing audiences with his amazing production setup called “The Executioner”. You can get a little taste of what to expect in the […]


datsik excision vindicate

Firepower Records indicates that 2013 will be a year of full-frontal sound power with no breaks, at least that’s we garnered from the first release of the year, the explosive “Vindicate” by bass front-runners Datsik and Excision. Full of the powerhouse duo’s signature high-voltage beats and fierce sound, the track heralds the release of Datsik’s […]

Shrapnel Streetwear’s 2013 collection


Call it hardcore, call it Bass, call it dubstep but don’t call it conventional. Shrapnel Streetwear has just released its 2013 collection, which showcases a variety of unique pieces embodying the Bass heavy subgenre of EDM. The collection depicts a futuristic mood with vibrant colors, 3D graphics and phrases from popular tracks. This brand looks […]

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