Electric Joy Ride & Frisber “For You”

for you

The UK producer who brought us “Fall Down,” as well as “From The Start,” the collaboration with Dynamics, Electric Joy Ride, has returned with a brand new track. This new production, titled “For You,” is Electric Joy Ride’s brand new collaboration alongside Frisber, and has been offered to their fans for download free of charge. […]

Electric Joy Ride & Dynamics “From The Start”

electric joy ride from the start

This latest track from Electric Joy Ride is that kind of vibing retro dance music you might be missing in your life. Referred to genre-wise by the British DJ as “Happy Noise”, on “From The Start” we see Jonny Thomson turning up some glittery synths and sunny sensation. Get this cheerful tune for free through […]

Electric Joy Ride “Fall Down” The Remixes EP Out Now

fall down

We loved the original by Electric Joy Ride and Brenton Mattheus for its upbeat melodies and dance-y showcase of synths. Now, to keep our ears happy, the team has brought us a collection of remixes by some of the most promising up-and-comers in the scene. Vancouver DJ and producer Moie brings us a remix for […]

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