Cole Plante ‘Unfiltered: Episode 1′


Cole Plante is not your average 16 year old. On the one hand, he loves hanging out and playing video games, has to go to school, and is learning how to drive (pretty normal, right?). On the other hand, Cole is a DJ/producer who is quickly on the rise, having been selected as part of […]

Netsky “Epic Mickey 2″ Remix official music video

Netsky epic mickey 2

With the widespread explosion of the EDM culture, dance music has become the soundtracks of many movies, TV shows, and even video games. Games like Call Of Duty have included the work of producers like Celldweller, and Halo 4 has released a remix album featuring tracks from the game’s soundtrack remixed by producers like Sander […]

Skrillex Lands Cameo in Disney Film Wreck-It Ralph


As we wrote about back in July, Skrillex will be contributing his production skills to the Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph. Now Mixmag is reporting that not only will he be contributing music to the film, but he will also be making a cameo. Clark Spencer, the film’s producer, spoke about how Skrillex went from […]

Skrillex Contributing Music for Disney’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Pre-Telecast

A week ago it was announced that Skrillex would be scoring the soundtrack for the movie “Spring Breakers.” It was announced at comic-con that Skrillex will also be contributing music to Wreck-It Ralph, which is slated to hit theaters in November. At Comic-Con, Disney previewed 10 minutes of the film, which follows the unglamorous, behind-the-scenes […]

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