Grandtheft Transforms Dillon Francis’ ‘When We Were Young’

grandtheft dillon francis

Dillon Francis‘ “Money Sucks Friends Rule” has been one of the most highly anticipated albums this fall. With help from an impressive list of talented contributors, the album has garnered a massive amount of attention as the producer’s first album under Columbia Records. While heavyweights such as Major Lazer, DJ Snake and Martin Garrix make […]

A Candid Conversation with Dillon Francis: is his Pop Debut an Art Piece or Selling Out?


JW: Long time no see, how’ve you been? DF: I’ve been good man (trips, falls, Skype goes skittering across the floor). Shit! Ow. So you’re in Berlin now? Yea dude. It’s late here. I just got back from this underground warehouse filled with all the blonde, blue-eyed German girls just pumping their fists and flailing to […]

Dillon Francis feat. Major Lazer & Stylo G – “We Make It Bounce”

dillon francis we make it bounce

As we near the release of Money Sucks, Friends Rule, Dillon Francis has given us another taste of what he has in store for fans with this much-anticipated release. “We Make It Bounce” is his collaboration with Major Lazer and Stylo G, has been part of Dillon’s live repertoire for a while now, and you […]

Meow That’s What I Call Dillon Francis! 69

dillon francis

Meow That’s What I Call Dillon Francis! 69 is now available on the Dillon Francis webstore! This brand new compilation comes complete with Dillon’s biggest 10 anthems! It’s a must-have for any fan of Dillon Francis, which comes with ‘The Ultimate Player’s Bundle!’ Get it when you order The Ultimate Player’s Bundle which includes: • […]

Dillon Fans Attempt to Bring RC Cola Can Thrower to Justice

who hit dillon

On Friday night, Dillon Francis was hit in the head with an RC Cola can while performing on stage, ending the show early and sending him to the hospital to receive stitches. Now, his fans are attempting to bring this RC Cola can thrower to justice with This is a true testament to the […]

Fan Hits Dillon Francis On Stage With an RC Cola Can

Dillon Francis RC Cola can

Last night, Dillon Francis was playing a show in New Orleans when a fan threw an RC Cola can (by the way, who drinks and/or sells RC Cola… so bizarre) at him while in stage. This fan caused a gash in Dillon’s forehead as seen in the picture above, sending him to the hospital to […]

Dillon Francis – “I Can’t Take It” (Lyric video)

Dillon francis I can't take it no more video

As we await Dillon Francis‘ album, ‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule,’ the newest taste of the album we’ve been given is his single, “I Can’t Take It.” Now, he’s released the lyric video for the track created by Pizza Slime. Accompanying the song and its lyrics are little factoids about Dillon that his fans may or […]

20 GIFs From Skrillex’s Mothership Tour

mothership tour

OWSLA has released the 2014 Mothership Tour aftermovie, which highlights the extensive tour featuring Skrillex, Dillon Francis, DJ Snake, What So Not, and Milo & Otis. Fans who attended the tour were treated to incredible production and performances. What fans didn’t get to see was the artists’ ridiculous backstage antics (we’re looking at you, Dillon). […]

Dillon Francis Announces His Biggest Headlining Tour Yet

Dillon Francis

Check out our exclusive interview with Dillon Francis here! Dillon Francis has just become the latest DJ set to headline an NYC stadium. After learning of Bassnectar’s headlining event at Madison Square Garden, “Bass Center NYC,” it has now been confirmed that Dillon Francis will be performing at the home of the Brooklyn Nets, the […]

Dillon Francis & Sultan + Ned Shepard feat. Chain Gang of 1974 – “When We Were Young”

Dillon Francis & Sultan + Ned Shepard - "When We Were Young"

Dillon Francis and Sultan + Ned Shepard might sound like an odd combination. However, you can’t argue with results. “When We Were Young,” featuring Chain Gang of 1974, is a brilliant fusing of both Dillon and Sultan & Ned’s styles, bringing a progressive house track that is likely to become an anthem of the dance […]

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