Before there were legal highs in Denver, we got our fix at Decadence. Full recap and gallery


Words and Photo by: Brandon Taylor Music festivals allow fans to celebrate the music they love with the people who make them love it most; for the 3rd year of Decadence this was no exception. Night one brought house, bass, trap and freaky monsters. While night two focused around Pretty Lights Music, Trance, Bass and […]

Dada Land Miami Gets Shut Down By Riot Police


Last night, Dada Life had a massive event planned for Miami. They were planning to play alongside Henry Fong and Tritonal to rock a sold out crowd. Unfortunately, Miami’s law enforcement had other ideas. According to the Swedish duo the fire marshall locked the gates due to the amount of chaos and the riot police […]

Think you “rage” hard? Dada Life will be the judge of that


Are you born to rage? Prove it with your own customized Dada Life track! You have one month to buy Dada Life’s new single “Born To Rage” on Beatport, and send Stefan and Olle you receipt to be chosen as the winner of your own personalized version of “Born To Rage.” For example you can […]



Dada Life has built a culture of raging. Anyone attending a Dada Life show can expect their share of champagne sprays, bananas, and… pillow fights? Yes, that’s right. Pillow fights. The famous ambassadors of Dada Land are coming to Chicago on October 26th for their wildest feat yet; breaking the world record for largest pillow […]

Freaky Deaky Chicago with Dada Life, Griz, Killparis, Tokimonsta, and more


Chicago start picking out those costumes! React Presents have just announced the lineup of Freaky Deaky, and it is looking heavier than ever! Happening on October 25 and October 26, the two day costume party will be taking over the infamous Aragon Ballroom. The first day will be headlined by Detroit native Griz who will […]

Dada Life “Boing Clash Boom” Official Video

The overlords of Dada Land have returned with a music video for their track “Boing Clash Boom,” which they have been using to smash dance floors everywhere this banana-peeling, champagne-popping duo performs. The video captures all of the rowdiness that Dada Life shows have come to represent, so take a tumble with this fan-favorite group, […]

Major Lazer “Bubble Butt” Dada Life Remix


Swedish duo Dada Life has gotten their hands on a massive “Bubble Butt.” Just in time for their Electric Zoo performance, Olle and Stefan have remixed Major Lazer’s track and turned it into their signature: electro house. While keeping the twerk-charm of the original, Dada Life adds high energy, big room sounds, dark synthesized vocal […]

Dada Life “Boing, Clash, Boom” Pierce Fulton Remix


Yesterday, we showed you the Bingo Players’ remix of the Dada Life hit, “Boing, Clash, Boom.” Now, we introduce you to Pierce Fulton’s remix of the track. The New England native, Pierce Fulton, has added a dirty, darker vibe to Dada Life’s song. The original song, with progressive house build-ups and electro bass drops, skirts […]

Dada Life “Boing, Clash, Boom” Bingo Players Remix


The Bingo Players give us more of the boing, clash, and boom sounds we love with their new Dada Life remix. The dutch duo takes on Dada Life’s electro-house track “Boing, Clash, Boom” and adds their signature breakdowns and unexpected drops that leave you speechless . You can add this club-ready track to your collection […]

Dada Life “Boing Clash Boom” Major Lazer Remix

dada life

Dada Life’s electro house track, “Boing Clash Boom,” is getting a facelift with a remix from Major Lazer. Jillionaire, Diplo, and Walshy Fire have completely reassembled the track with the addition of a massive bass line that reinterprets the track into something that falls somewhere between moombahton and trap. As to be expected, Major Lazer […]

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