Cross-Switch: Boy Kid Cloud “I would die 4 U” (Prince Cover)

boy kid cloud remix prince

All hail the gods of music covers for helping to keep old classics alive! We’re really digging this fresh new take on Prince’s timeless track “I Would Die For You.” The remix is the brainchild of UK-based DJ and producer Boy Kid Cloud, a long-time Prince fan who’s had us glowing over his unique and […]

Quickie with a DJ: Divided by Zero


Where are you from? I am from a small village near Leicester, UK. When did you start producing and what inspired you? I started making electronic music about 4 years ago after hearing Pendulum for the first time. I only started with Divided By Zero and making Dubstep about a year ago when I heard […]

2am Track of The Week: Boy Kid Cloud “How It Looks” Doctor P VIP Remix


Boy Kid Cloud makes his debut on “2am Track of The Week” with “How It Looks,” Doctor P VIP remix. Could this be real?, is what you will be asking yourself at the club when 2am hits and this track drops… Enjoy the weekend everyone! Boy Kid Cloud Facebook Boy Kid Cloud Twitter Boy Kid […]

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