Dirtyphonics reenvision Project 46 and Kaskade’s “Last Chance”


“Last Chance,” the entitled track off Kaskade’s latest album ‘Atmosphere’ is a powerful progressive house banger. Kaskade and Project 46 work their magic with inspiring vocals, melodies and builds combined with heavy layered synths. But, when the French quartet Dirtyphonics decide to remix the track they add their own intense sound to the mix. Get […]

Kaskade Gives Back To His Fans With A Live Set From The Atmosphere Tour in Los Angeles (Video)


Kaskade has always been one to give back to his fans. Today as a thank you for an insane Atmosphere Tour he’s giving his fans a live set and video from his show in Los Angeles. Kaskade will release the video from the show in 6 parts over the next few weeks. Here’s what he […]

Relive Kaskade’s ‘Atmosphere Tour’ at Chicago’s Navy Pier & The Mid

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 1.30.38 PM

Kaskade showed his hometown some love in a big way when he brought highly anticipated Atmosphere tour to the Festival Hall at Navy Pier in October. He played an energetic set to a sold-out venue that was brimming with colorful ravers who came to partake in the magical night. React Presents has released a recap […]

Kaskade “Atmosphere” Neon Trees and Wild Children Remix


Just when you thought Kaskade had shown us all there was to the album- and tour-inspiring title track, “Atmosphere,” you’re reminded that the Chicago house producer always has a trick or two up his sleeve. Nonchalantly teasing fans on Twitter with a yet-to-be-commercially-released remix to the big room track, the producer blasted out a link […]

Kaskade’s Atmosphere Tour, Miami Review & Gallery


When it comes to live sets, some artists struggle to stay relevant or innovative while still staying true to their roots. From clubs to festivals to arena shows, we continue to hear talk of commercialized and unoriginal sets. However, Kaskade proved a true master of balance during the kickoff of his Atmosphere Tour in Miami’s […]

Kaskade “Atmosphere” Stereoshock Remix


As expected, remixes of Kaskade’s “Atmosphere” have been created, although Steroshock’s powerful remix will give you goose bumps. The song tells a story of progression, saddened with a young boy visiting his father in jail only to be uplifted with time and also a beautiful melodic drop. This song will move you with every breath […]

Kaskade’s ‘Atmosphere’ Release Party @ LAVO, NYC 9/3 Gallery & Review


Picture this: A quiet Tuesday night after Labor Day. Three hundred lucky fans dressed to impress with two bouncers handling tickets and guest lists. Publicists and writers from every possible outlet in NYC being handed wristbands for one of the most anticipated nights of the end of summer. What was the commotion about? Known to […]

Kaskade “Atmosphere” Chocolate Puma Remix


It seems a certain Dutch duo hailing from Haarlem can never do any wrong when it comes to their productions. Gaston Steenkist and René ter Horst, better known to the world as Chocolate Puma, have remixed Kaskade’s tour anthem “Atmosphere” and transformed it into a proper Dutch house tune with the pair’s signature sound. Raddon’s […]

elektro exclusive premiere: Kaskade “Atmosphere” Hook N Sling Remix Preview

hook n sling

Kaskade’s summer anthem, “Atmosphere,” has not only exploded far beyond the reaches of the blogoshpere to become one of the staple tracks of the summer, but has also showed its fruitful bounty, thanks to the insane reworks the Chicago producer has commissioned for his tour-inspiring single. After a bombastic and gritty remix by Miami’s GTA, […]

Kaskade releases fan video for “Atmosphere”

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 9.29.21 PM

Anyone who follows Kaskade knows that he’s all about his fans, which (aside from his incredible songs and performances) is why he is adored in the dance music community. With his single, “Atmosphere,” still making waves, Kaskade has released his video for the track, which truly embodies the love he has for his devout fans. […]

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