Cole Plante “Bring Back the Boom”

cole plante

At just sixteen years old, DJ and producer Cole Plante is the youngest artist to headline IDentity Festival; the electronic music prodigy has already shared the stage with top artists such as Avicii, and he’s also one of the featured stars of an upcoming documentary on the EDM scene and culture. To make sure we […]

Flux Pavilion “Blow The Roof” preview

Flux Pavillion

Apparently, the inspiration behind Flux Pavillion’s latest release, the title track for his up and coming EP, came while he was in the shower. This one’s far from squeaky clean though—“Blow the Roof” features some of the dirtiest bass drops we’ve heard from the dubstep king. The moombah beat is perfect for booty-grinding and fist-pumping […]

Madeon “The City” The M Machine Remix

the city madeon

Hailing from the city of bridges, our favorite Californian ménage a trois is back after a long hiatus with Metropolis Pt. 1, the first half of their debut album. Known behind the decks as The M Machine, Ben Swardlick, Eric Luttrel, and Andy Coenen have brought us a chopped and electro-style remix of Madeon’s progressive […]

Denzal Park “Scorpio”

denzal park scorpio

Australian DJ and production duo Denzal Park have it all going for them—they’ve produced some of the scene’s top remixes for some of the industry’s top players, their production skills are on point, and their performances skills in the club and at major festivals draw fans from around the globe (guess no one parties like […]

Tyler Sherritt & Jake Shanahan “Brooklyn”

tyler sherritt jake shanahan

When asked to describe his collaborative track “Brooklyn,” Tyler Sherritt likened it to “a taco within a burrito within another taco.” If by that he meant layers upon layers of delectable flavor wrapped up by one infectious grooveline, he nailed it. Produced along with his friend and fellow producer Jake Shanahan, “Brooklyn” combines tech and […]

Shadow Child “So High” Hot Since 82 Remix

shadow child so high hot since 82 remix

Dance music pioneer and legend DJ Sasha named Hot Since 82 one of the artists who has most influenced his style in music. Now, the Leeds-based DJ and producer has brought us a grooving remix of Shadow Child’s house hit, “So High.” The rework plays up the percussion and pushes the track into the realm […]

STEVE AOKI ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It’ EP Out now on Dim Mak Records

steve aoki its the end of the world as we know it

We’d like to believe the world won’t actually be coming to an end December 21, but just in case there is some truth to the prophecy, Dim Mak records mogul Steve Aoki has made sure we have a little something to go out with a bang to. Scheduled to be released December 11, his latest […]

UNMONDAY Unravel 4.3L Ceramic Airplay Speaker System

Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 8.25.40 PM

UNMONDAY Unravel from antti mäkelä on Vimeo. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, and it sounds like a music lover’s dream. Unmonday has announced the progress of a project its been working on in Finland—an entirely wireless speaker system. When completed and made available to consumers, the hexagonal little box will be […]

Firebeatz “Disque” on Spinnin records

firebeatz disque spinnin records

Firebeatz are no strangers to topping charts. The Dutch electro house DJs have produced some of the most successful tracks in the genres (their hit single “Dear New York” enjoyed the #2 spot on Beatport’s electro chart). The follow-up front-runner track, entitled “Disque,” features those same signature heavy leads and Firebeatz’s signature loaded bass sequence. […]

Jewelz & Scott Sparks “Flashbang” Out on Flamingo Recordings

scott sparks flashbang

If you didn’t have the chance to hear it at Sensation Turkey during Fedde Le Grand and Deniz Koyu’s sets, go download it now on Beatport because this is one festival hit you won’t be able to take off repeat. By the boys who brought us “Toxic Rush,” the follow-up track “Flashbang” features almost tech-house […]

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