R3hab Remixes “One And Only” x “On Ya” x “We’ve Only Just Begun”


A true master of remixes, R3hab returns to grace the EDM world with two more fantastic remixes. The Dutch DJ/producer brings his house stylings to Cherry Cherry Boom Boom’s “One And Only”, by keeping theoriginal song’s pop melody through the verses, but adding a heavy, marching club-smashing drop. R3hab also takes on Meital and Sean […]

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NERO “Won’t You (Be There)” Free Download


UK dubstep kings, Nero, return with their newest tune “Won’t You (Be There)”. This track is the hard-hitting type of dubstep we’ve come to expect from Nero, complete with their dark builds, powerful vocals, and crowd-moving drops. Nero has truly come to perfect their dubstep stylings, with ground shaking bass drops that blends with the […]

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The Knocks “The Feeling” Modern Machines Remix


The Knocks’ electro-pop single, “The Feeling”, has become a track that has seen multiple remixes by EDM producers. We’ve already been presented with great remixes by Lazerdisk Party Sex and The FatRat. Now, New York City based duo Modern Machines is getting in on the action. Their remix stays true to the original Knocks’ production, […]

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Vytis Gruzdys, also known as Lithuanian DJ/Producer Boyfriend is lighting up the Moombahton genre with his new EP Vodka House. Released by Nadastrom’s label Diabluma Sound, the EP is a nonstop high energy Moombah party from start to finish with four pumping tracks, including a remix of the title track by none other than Nadastrom […]

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Electric Adventure x elektro Present: Ride the Kingda Ka w/ Dada Life Contest


Electric Adventure is one of the most unique dance music events we have ever seen. Taking place at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, you will have a chance to check out Dada Life, Excision, Arty, Super Mash Bros., Lazy Rich, Danny Avila & DJ Bl3nd as well as gain admission to the wonderful […]

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Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice Announce Groundbreaking College Tour, CNTRL: BEYOND EDM


elektro is proud to announce that we are a media partner for CNTRL: BEYOND EDM – ELECTRONIC & TECHNO(LOGY) BASED MUSIC, spearheaded by electronic music innovators and world-class DJs Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice. They are launching a music and technology tour of American and Canadian colleges, taking the history and the future of the […]

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Orange Crush! With Kenzo, Proenza, and More


Orange is the color of Energy! Check out these citrus shades from Kenzo, Steve J & Yoni P, and Proenza! Get your RDA with a vitamin C-packed cocktail of tangerine PVC, felt, and silk. Clockwise from bottom left: belt by MAISON BOINET; clutch by 202 FACTORY; scarf by HEART HEART HEART; cap by KENZO; PS11 […]

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Clockwork 15k Bootleg Pack Free Download

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 5.45.07 PM

Mad Decent and Dim Mak signee Clockwork celebrated the milestone of reaching 15,000 fans on Facebook by releasing a free pack of 15 bootlegs late last night. The pack includes mashups of Clockwork originals and remixes with songs of all genres, showcasing his unique tastes. If you caught any of Clockwork’s festival sets this summer […]

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Excision & SKisM “SEXisM” Far Too Loud remix


Excision and Skism broke subwoofers with their collaborative track “SEXism”, now UK based DJ, Far Too Loud has put an electro house spin on the dubstep track with his remix. Far Too Loud keeps elements of the original, beginning with intense blaring guitar riffs and metal growls before making a banger for the dance floor […]

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Quickie with a DJ: Hesta Prynn

Hesta Prynn 2

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? Teleportation First job you ever had? Working in a health food store Favorite candy / snack? Plain M&Ms Favorite Sneakers? Adidas Favorite fashion brand? Sandro If you had one night left to live, how would you spend it? Dancing and drinking expensive champagne Favorite […]

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