CHUS & CEBALLOS at Pacha NY Reviewed

shus seballos pacha ny

When I finally left Pacha NYC at 5am Saturday morning, the main floor was still bumpin’ to the sounds of Chus&Ceballos. Keeping in mind the Elektro party the next day, I reluctantly left the club, still full of energy, even after dancing for four hours straight. It was a complete 360 from some of the […]

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Daddy’s Groove “Stellar” OUT Now + Official Video

daddy groove

You look like you could use a pick me up so here it is. The new single “Stellar” from Italy’s emerging electro-pop trio comes with a darling video, which features a monster-size rocket ship as its centerpiece. Producing remixes of famed artists like Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue, Avicii and many others – Daddy’s Groove dancehall […]

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elektro presents: Infected Mushroom Ticket Giveaway (Jan 17th) + Signed Tour Poster

infected mushrrom tour

Infected Mushroom is one of the most exciting electronic music acts in the world. If you have ever been to one of their shows you know how incredible they are with the futuristic technology and stunning visuals. If you have not, we highly recommend you attend one of the Fungusamongus dates. Want your chance to […]

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Kaskade “4 am” Bring The Noise ‘Space Trap’ Remix

bring the noise kasakde

Its hard to take an already great track, change it, and produce something that’s equally as impressive in a different way. “4 AM,” however, is one of those rare tunes that serve as a perfect canvas for artists looking to get creative with sound. Los Angeles-based electronic production trio brings us a stellar take on […]

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First Choice “Love Thang” Beauriche Remix

beauriche remix

A particularly tasteful selection from disco girl group First Choice’s phat catalog, this 1979 disco tune is getting the royal remix treatment 34 years later from Netherlands native Beauriche. Often featured on France’s #1 dance music radio station, the very chic Prysm Radio, Beauriche speeds up the chunky funk of the original that results in […]

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OneBeat & Xbox Live Partner for EDM App

xbox live onebgeat

Microsoft and EDM entertainment company, OneBeat, are coming together to bring you exclusive concerts, coverage, and behind-the scenes footages via Xbox Live and Xbox 360 platforms. OneBeat has already teamed up with the likes of Steve Aoki and Winter Music Conference for event streaming and original content for their YouTube channel. The app, which is […]

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Deathface feat. @Illinterent “Six Feet Deep” official Video


The video is pretty dark and gritty, but what else can we expect from a collaboration between Deathface and @Illinternet? A fusion of trap and heavy metal, the track was recorded three years ago, and it’s finally seeing the light as a release on Trouble & Bass’s “Clash of the Damned” compilation. The video itself […]

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hoerboard, DJ workstation


The hoerboard Spin Age is the third edition in the hoerboard family of DJ workstations. It is one of the growing options that provides aesthetic value to fit in with your furniture. Measuring 1900mm x 1000mm x 180mm (width by height by leg width), it consists of a metal frame with the center made of […]

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Gigamesh “Don’t Stop (Version 2.0)” Free Download

gigamesh don't stop version 2.0

A native of icy Minneapolis, Gigamesh’s sound is colder than ever with this haute discolicious number “Don’t Stop”. Coming off of the release of his incredible Solé Fixtape Vol. 5 last month, this sly new tune serves up cunning outer space vibes that might have you feeling like you woke up on a red lighted […]

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Controlling Sound With Your Face (And Vice Versa)

Another step in the evolution of DJing, Japanese DJ Daito Manabe uses electrical impulses to create a truly unique sound. Manabe has created a new technology that translates the movements of facial muscles into beats. Beyond the beats, Manabe visualizes his creations through videos and live shows that utilize holographic technology and various forms of […]

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