I said “look ma, no hands”…thanks to my Boobypack

When one wants to dance the night away playing with a strappy purse, or an unsecure pocket, is far from ideal. Thanks to Boobypack this is no longer an issue. Introducing their line of fanny packs for your rack, their cleverly designed sports bra has two pockets under each arm that are big enough to […]

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Heroes X Villains take over your ears, eyes, and wardrobe

Known almost as well for their fresh street swag as they are their trap heavy music, Atlanta’s Heroes and Villains have teamed up with Fresh.I.Am on an audio visual project entitled “Chapel.” The exclusive Chapel collection featuring bandanas, tees, bags, and more, has the bold logos in the vein of Pyrex and Hood By Air. […]

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UNIF releases a pair of NSFW low tops. Mom, we’re sorry.

Street wear brand known for its general badassery, UNIF, is back with another gangster addition to their collection. Their “FF” aka “Fuc*ed Forever” low top sneakers make a BIG statement. The slogan that is clearly open to interpretation, whether you’ve gone e-tarted, an alcoholic, emotionally unstable, or just trying to get your moms disapproval, the […]

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On our OG swag…literally

The actual OG, Oscar G, is back with some fresh street swag. An exclusive line of snap backs features the Nervous Records logo and the Oscar G logo in a number of different styles featuring 3D emblems. Perfect for the house head holiday season, pick up your snapbacks, available for $39.99, over on the Nervous […]

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A day in the life with DJ Cheyen- Laidback Luke and Martin Solveig present Blow #3

“Blow” number 3 has arrived. Taking us inside a day in the life of superstar DJ Cheyen, the long haired, bottle popping, party rocker gives us a window into his jet setting lifestyle. Remaining grounded, Cheyen lets us in on a little known secret: the life of a superstar DJ is actually “hard work.” Traveling […]

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Rockbot brings the jukebox into the 21st century

For those that thought the glory days of the jukebox requests were over, meet Rockbot. This mobile app puts the jukebox right at your fingertips, and allows you to request the music being played in bars and restaurants. Try not to abuse the app by requesting Danny Brown at your little cousins Bar Mitzvah. Available […]

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For two guys that wear robot helmets, Daft Punk is pretty fashionable

Daft Punk have spent almost as much time modeling this year as they have making music. Adding another photo spread to their high fashion repertoire, Daft Punk posed for french media outlet Le Monde. The 2014 5 time grammy nominated robots donned the chicest YSL suits, and of course, their iconic robot helmets. Check out […]

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Pacha NYC’s 8th year Anniversary is a party for the Next Generation!

Pacha New York proudly presents “The Eight-Year Anniversary: A celebration of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going – all alongside our faithful patrons and dedicated fans of electronic music.” Pacha NYC represents everything from trance to big-room house, from classic grooves to the most popular dance music in the world. On […]

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Loodma Design puts the turntable around your neck

Putting the glam into DJing, European Jewelry designers, Loodma Design, has created a turntable shaped pendant in homage to Technics SL-1200. The solid sterling silver pendant not only functions as an accessory focal point, but it also has a practical use as it holds a standard SD card in the back. The striking hand crafted […]

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R.I.P my Nikes just killed the club

These ones are for my ladies out there who like to run laps…on the dancefloor. The aptly titled “Disco Ball” Air Max 1s features eye catching silver snakeskin that looks like it was taken off of one of the defunct disco balls that shown its light on Studio 54 back in the day. Available in […]

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elektro will take you behind the turntables into the lives of the DJ, sharing their passion for the music, giving fans an all access backstage pass.

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