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Haunted Houses vs. Spooky Tings Halloween Recap

What comes to my mind when I think of Halloween is “freaking epic.” This year I was fortunate enough to obtain a press pass to Denver’s main Halloween attraction—the Haunted Houses and Spooky Tings tour with Skrillex vs. Knife Party at the 1st Bank Center! When I say “freaking epic” it really is an understatement […]

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Hallowfreaknween 2012 Recap

Freaks, geeks, raver chic, and everyone in between were at the Triad Dragon’s Hallowfreaknween in Denver, Colorado. I must admit I feel sad for anyone that wasn’t there last night because it was one of the best Colorado parties I have been to in a while, which was extremely unexpected. With that said, I am […]

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AM Only x elektro CMJ Event Recap

Exactly one year and one week prior to last Saturday, I stepped foot into Webster Hall for the first time to cover Madeon’s first North American performance, which changed my life for a variety of reasons. Not only did I fall in love with the venue, but I also wound up covering the concert alongside […]

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Electric Zoo Recap

Every music festival across the globe inherits the aura and reputation of its host city. Electric Zoo in no exception to the rule: in a few short years, it has emerged as one of the wildest, most diverse and raucous festivals on the scene. In short, it encapsulates New York’s concrete jungle perfectly. It is […]

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Girl Talk Iowa Concert Gallery Recap

Ryan Pritchard of Clear Lake, Iowa was the proud winner of his own private Girl Talk concert on August 28th. Ryan and 200 of his closest friends shared an intimate dance party with their favorite DJ last night at the historic Surf Ballroom. Check out the photo’s above. Photo Credit: Zack Eastman

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Thomas Gold at Governors Island Recap

It was no ordinary Sunday in New York City. Although most EDM enthusiasts had been out and about for most of the weekend, the lines outside Governors Island Ferry went across the street and around for city blocks. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised; this was the return of Thomas Gold to Governors Island, […]

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Electric Beach x Playhouse Nightclub w/ Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Recap

Corona Light’s Electric Beach concert series has taken New York City’s nightlife by storm in recent weeks, showcasing both rising and established talent within the electronic dance community. This week, the party went to Playhouse Nightclub, one of Los Angeles’ premiere nightclubs, where partygoers had a chance to see Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano ignite […]

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EDM Tomorrow Land Recap

elektro exclusive Tomorrowland Recap

As a devout believer in the spirituality of music and follower of the festie religion, I thought I’d seen a lot; this past weekend, I was proven wrong. For the 8th year in a row, the rising ideology of EDM created for itself a universal place of gathering, appearing out of nowhere, in the small […]

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HARD Summer Recap

Ultimately, it was all about the dancing, and perhaps LA dub DJ favorite Gaslamp Killer put it best during his standout Saturday night set when he advised the crowd that, “If you aren’t moving right now, you’re f*cking dead.” They were moving. It was essentially impossible not to for the 35 hours that was HARD […]

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Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Beach @ Governor’s Island NY

In March of this year I was one of thousands of Robbie Rivera fan packed onto Nikki Beach to take part in one of Miami Music Week’s best and most legendary parties, Juicy Beach. As a native New York, I’m the first to say that there is no place to party like NYC, but conversely […]

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