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Stereosonic T-shirt design contest

Stereosonic, Australia’s largest music festival, is running a t-shirt design contest for all you creative types out there! With already 3,500 submissions, this t-shirt contest is the largest of its kind. As it is in it’s final stages, eight designs have been chosen that will be dwindled down to two. Vote on the eight remaining […]

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Grand Theft Auto V Sound Mode and Pulse Elite Edition Headset

With everyone locked inside their homes, glued to their Playstations, and committing endless hours to completing missions in Grand Theft Auto V, another exciting aspect of game play has emerged: Sound Mode and the Pulse Elite Edition Headset. Available for free via the Playstation Store, Sound Mode wholly immerses game play action through sound and […]

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Chromeo Reddit AMA tomorrow 9/18 2pmET

Got some questions for your favorite funkateers? Dave 1 and P-Thugg of Chromeo will be logging on to Reddit tomorrow at 2pm ET/11am PT to answer your most burning questions about their upcoming album, needy girls, and what fancy footwork is all about for an AMA. Here is your chance log on, groove out, and […]

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elektro exclusive interview with DJ VICE

- Considered an industry veteran, you’re approaching your 20-year mark—how has your music evolved over the years? Has your taste in music changed at all, or maybe broadened a bit? My music is always evolving due to me changing environments so often. From playing in LA to NY, Vegas to London and Tokyo to Switzerland […]

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Blowfish Hangover Cure

All night bender led to an all morning hangover? Cure those cramps, headaches, and vomit filled thoughts with Blowfish hangover remedy. With two tablets of the specially synthinsized formula you can recapture those glory days of the all night bender after glow you used to get before you hit 25. Now, just because you’ve discovered […]

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Uniform Experiment’s Tip Stud Shoes: Go-to Dancing Kicks

Shopping for guys can be quite difficult. We don’t have the countless options as women do, especially when it comes to wanting to stand out of the crowd without looking a damn fool. This can be especially true when picking your go-to kicks to hit the dance floor with. You need a pair that’ll spare […]

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Kaskade throws first pitch for Chicago White Sox Tonight 9/12

Hardly his first time playing in a stadium, Kaskade will be throwing down something a little different tonight in Chicago, Ill. Kicking off America’s favorite past time, Kaskade will be throwing the first pitch at his home-town stadium for the Chicago White Sox. The game versus the Cleveland Indians will take place tonight (9/12) at […]

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Daft Punk Goes Mario

The summer’s almost over and it’s safe to say that Daft Punk was on everyone’s lips and ringing inside everyone’s ears. One globally massive marketing blitz and hotly-anticipated album later, one can’t help but ask themselves; what are we left with? Cue Mario Paint. Yes, the iconic videogame character now finds himself as yet another […]

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Baby DJ.indd

Baby DJ School

Think you may know the next Mozart of electronic music? Start them out early with Baby DJ School. Head out to Cool Pony in Brooklyn, NY starting September 18th, and register your 0-3 year old in an eight week course that “will transform the ordinary Mommy-and-me sing-along experience into an educational escapade into the wonderful […]

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UK job interviewees forced to dance to Daft Punk

It seems that our friends across the pond are having a hard time understanding their need to shake it loose and dance. After we told you of London residents being given the opportunity to work out by going to morning raves, another dance-related incident has sprung up without the same happy ending. Apparently 21 year […]

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