Quickie with a DJ: The Aston Shuffle

Favorite place on earth? Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment? Sennheiser HD25 // Serato Biggest influence on your music? Our families – they’re probably our harshest critics but usually right more often than not. Favorite item of clothing? Mikah – My pair of Alomar Vans Vance – the pair of jeans which I just discovered […]

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Diplo Scores Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic’s “Scriptura Vitae”

Lending his auditory talents to the big screen, Diplo has created music for New York based artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic’s short film entitled “Scriptura Vitae.” Based on the entrancing trailer, “Scriptura Vitae” seems to be a highly orchestrated piece of performance art. I wouldn’t expect to hear Diplo bass heavy club tracks in this film. Prepare […]

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Urbanears X Amsterdam Dance Event Zinken Headphone

In preparation for one the biggest events for the dance community, Urbanears has teamed up with Amsterdam Dance Event to create a custom pair of limited edition headphones. Utilizing ADE’s trademark yellow and black color scheme, Urbanears has created an eye catching pair of their DJ ready Zinken headphones. Equipped with the Turncable dual duty […]

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Will Sparks BW

elektro exclusive interview with Will Sparks

Tell us a little about how you first got started. Will: “I’ve always been a music fanatic and listening to what my dad use to play since I was little. Growing up, I started playing the guitar and listening to heavy metal a lot. I use to find house music not enjoyable, until I somehow […]

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Fools Gold x Pixote Artist Series #9

Continuing their fusion of art and music, Fool’s Gold has teamed up with street artist Pixote for their ninth artist series. Opening October 3rd in the Fool’s Gold store front in Brooklyn, NY, the Pixote x Fool’s Gold collaboration is a series of limited edition “cross-cultural” designs printed on SHUT skateboards. If interested in purchasing […]

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SOL REPUBLIC x Calvin Harris’ Master Tracks XC

You’ve seen SOL REPUBLIC’s Master Tracks headphones, which give listeners the best sound quality and most comfortable music listening experience of any headphone on the market. Now, they have teamed up with Calvin Harris to release their newest product, the Master Tracks XC. These headphones supply a refined audio experience for the user, bringing all […]

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Ziggi limited edition Griz rolling papers

A saxophone isn’t the only thing Detroit producer Griz is blowing on these days. Ziggi has teamed up with Griz for a custom line of rolling papers. Joining the merchandise table on his fall “Rebel Era” Tour, Ziggi’s limited edition Griz rolling papers are sure to come in handy for you smokers or Colorado and […]

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Epic Meal Time with Steve Aoki

Beats and cake faces aren’t the only thing Steve Aoki excels at. With fine dining literally running in his DNA, it comes as no surprise he knows how to whip up a mean plate of Irish nachos. Harley “The Sauce Boss” Morenstein of Epic Meal Time joins Steve Aoki in the kitchen to catch a […]

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Flud BPM Pendant

Show off your love of producing with Flud’s Pendent BPM. The flashy pendent is the perfectly portrays a BPM with close attention to detail. Priced at an affordable $25, the Flud BPM pendant is available in rose fold, dark gunmetal, gold, and silver. Purchase here.

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SideKick Smoking Barware

Need some new party tricks for upcoming Halloween celebrations? Impress your guests with SideKick barware. The brand’s creatively designed shot and rocks glasses are equipped with a double chamber that safely holds dry ice that will give your cocktails a smoking hot presentation. Check out all their party geared products here.

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