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Jahan from Krewella has made the decision to disconnect from the digital world, as she will no longer be managing her Twitter and Instagram accounts. On her Tumblr page, she announced the news to her followers, expressing her distaste for the false joys brought by social media in a lengthy letter titled, ‘Enjoy The Silence.’ […]

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KatherineTyler for iHeartRadio

The Chainsmokers went on a #SELFIE binge at Evolution’s studio

You’ve heard the anthem. “#SELFIE” has become one of the biggest hits in EDM. Ever since, The Chainsmokers have been on a selfie marathon, taking them at their shows, on the road, in their studio, and even when they’re just hanging out. When the duo paid a visit to iHeartRadio’s Evolution Studio, they went on […]

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Steve Aoki Jumping Over Things

Electro house DJ, Steve Aoki, is known for his acrobatics on stage during his performances. From cake throwing to raft riding, you can be sure to witness his signature “Aoki Jump” during his show. Aoki can’t seem to keep his feet on the ground and these images take the Aoki Jump to new heights, literally. […]

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#elektronation – 10 Must Attend Parties This Weekend

We’ve compiled a list of the best shows across the country to hit this weekend. Checkout the gallery to see our weekend picks!

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So Ryan Hemsworth and a banana walk into a bar… has made a shirt that celebrates Ryan Hemsworth’s Australian tour. The company urges fans to wear this shirt when seeing him on the “Ryan Must Be Destroyed Tour.” Whether or not you’ll be seeing Ryan on this tour, this is a must have for any of his fans. Check out the shirt above, and […]

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You’ve talked before about how Dirtybird came out of Barclay’s Intellect project, in which he interviewed DJs on how they got started. In that vein, can you give some tips for young producers on how you got started and became successful?

#KNOWLabels – elektro exclusive interview with Christian Martin

We chatted with Dirtybird Records Co-Founder Christian Martin on the heavy bass, psychedelics, and A Tribe Called Quest. Click through the slideshow above to read our exclusive interview with Christian Martin.   See you on the dancefloor, Jesse Wheaton

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NSFW: The 50 Best #BootiesForBorgore

Don’t lie. One of the best reasons for following Borgore is because of his loyal followers; “The Borwhores.” Day in and day out they flood Twitter with pictures of their voluptuous behinds that Borgore handpicks to retweet. And just like that, a Borwhore’s life is made. That is why we have compiled the best of […]

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GIRL Album Cover

Pharrell & Daft Punk – ‘Gust of Wind’ [Stream]

Wait no more. Sweeping the internet like a ‘Gust of Wind’ another highly anticpated collaboration between Skateboard P and Daft Punk is finally here. Quickly being pulled from across the internet, we found a good streaming link (for now)… Pharrell Williams feat Daft Punk – Gust Of Wind… by daftworld Meanwhile, you can stream Pharrell’s […]

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I Want to Skrill Everybody in the World

Ever wondered what Dillon Francis would look like with Skrillex’s signature hair and glasses? We hadn’t either until one genius Tumblr user set out to “Skrill Everybody In The World,” photoshopping Skrillex’s long black hair and square glasses onto, well, everybody. Here are some of our favorite Skrillified photos.

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This Rob Ford beat is CRACK!

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has made a habit of staying in the news. Now, he’s infiltrating the EDM news world. At a Beats Academy TO fundraiser, he hopped on an Ableton Push controller to show off his skills (or lack thereof). ‘A’ for effort though. He showed off some of those famous dance moves as […]

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