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N.A.S.A. “Hide” Tropkillaz Remix Premieres on Sonos commercial

Electronic music’s growing presence in the eye of mainstream consumers has seen your favorite artists – ranging from deadmau5 to Steve Aoki – partnering with various brands and companies to increase the commercial value of dance music as a gateway to younger consumers. We’ve already seen Jay Z team up with Samsung to deliver copies […]

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GoPro: HERO3+ Black Edition

If you’re a true EDM fan, you surely still have Calvin Harris’ catchy “I Need Your Love” playing in your iPod, speakers, and mind. We all remember the collective fan-girl gasp we all let out when the single’s official video dropped, featuring Calvin and rumored girlfriend/track vocalist Ellie Goulding in a whirlwind Miami Beach love […]

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elysia expands rack series with xfilter true stereo EQ

High-end German studio processor manufacturer elysia released its xfilter true stereo equalizer, the latest addition to its line of 19-inch rack- mounting hardware. The xfilter is a true stereo equalizer with a 100% Class-A signal path, single signals processing, creative sound shaping, mix bus duties, and even mastering capabilities. Its ability to change to high- […]

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Splice – a new collaborative production platform

Just announced is the exciting news of the new production platform, Splice, which allows users to easily collaborate with each other on any musical project. In a world where production seems to be a solitary practice, Splice is giving the production world a sense of community, allowing users to comment on and alter pieces of […]

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SOL REPUBLIC x Calvin Harris’ Master Tracks XC

You’ve seen SOL REPUBLIC’s Master Tracks headphones, which give listeners the best sound quality and most comfortable music listening experience of any headphone on the market. Now, they have teamed up with Calvin Harris to release their newest product, the Master Tracks XC. These headphones supply a refined audio experience for the user, bringing all […]

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Waldorf announces Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer relaunch

German hardware company Waldorf is known for their rich history and knowledge of game-changing hardware like analog synthesizers and have brought its 2013 interpretation to the re-launch of their iconic Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer. The discontinued line had left a void in many hardcore fans across the globe, so the announcement of the piece’s availability […]

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Mixware’s Magma Multi-Format Workstation XL and XXL

Considering the amount of money you invest on your gear, you should always keep in mind ways to keep your hardware safe and sound when travelling, whether it be to your neighborhood block party or the main stage of an Southeast Asian festival. The folks over at Mixware have got you covered with the release […]

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Numark unveils Mixtrack Edge at 2013 Atlantic City DJ Expo

The folks over at Numark had us excited when we first heard of their latest project, the Mixtrack Edge. At only one inch thick, the controller was billed as being able to function without the need of any additional drivers on PCs or Macs when mixing all the while remaining highly functional. The Mixtrack Edge’s […]

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Leap Motion and Geco-MIDI

The future is here, whether you like it or not. The Leap Motion Controller is revolutionizes the way we interact with our computers, making the process more intuitive and organic. The tiny 3-inch controller barely takes up any space, but don’t let its compact size fool. The device packs a very powerful punch, allowing you […]

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Traktor releases DJ cable splitter

Native Instruments always keeps us on our toes with their innovative and functional releases and updates, and this time around they’ve brought the Traktor name to one of the most basic and essential needs for a DJ mixing: the cable splitter. The split option works smoothly on all Traktor DJ platforms, including its iPad and […]

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