Simon Cowell announces line of high-end headphones

Simon Cowell is the latest celebrity to enter the lucrative high-end headphone industry, stamping his name on a line of headphones. In development with Sony, Cowell’s X Headphones are priced to compete with Dr. Dre’s Beats line ($299). The headphones will undergo an advertisement blitz on Cowell’s X Factor show and will be distributed by […]

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Playstation has its finger on the “Pulse” with wireless headphones

Calling all gamers! These are the headphones for you. I had the privilege to test out the brand new Playstation Pulse Elite Edition headphones and to say that they lived up to the hype would be an understatement. I first tested out the headphones playing the brand new Sound Shapes game, which just so happens […]

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Apple’s New EarPods

With the release of the iPhone 5, Apple has finally revamped the standard earbuds that have been a staple with previous generations of the iPod and iPhone. The new headphones, EarPods, feature a better fit and sound quality. The previous earbuds were, at best, a decent temporary substitute, prone to slipping out of your ear […]

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Monster has the right “DNA” with new headphones

Noel Lee, the head of Monster, said, “We’re excited about what we have accomplished with next generation sound with Monster DNA. It’s the evolution of what a headphone can look and sound like. Sonically, they completely kick ass yet still have refined sound qualities that all music lovers can appreciate.” The quote from Noel Lee […]

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Lasonic Bluetooth Boombox

Lasonic is a consumer electronics firm that was known for its portable audio business in the mid-1980s to mid-1990s, mainly in the form of the iconic shoulder boom boxes that were prevalent during the rise of rap music. Going back to these roots, the firm has created the Lasonic Bluetooth Boombox, which has a resemblance […]

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Beyerdynamic T5P

Beyerdynamic T5P Headphones

Investment: $1,300 Worth it For: These German-made full-size, around-the- ear headphone provide highly effective isolation, making them useful for on the go listening, a feature that makes the fact that they can be driven by an iPhone without sacrificing sound quality even more useful. The ultra-comfortable T5P’s also match well to higher performance drivers. Available […]

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Numark iDJ Live

iDJ Live is the easiest way to become a DJ with your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. The iDJ Live system works with your iPad, iPod or iPhone and enables you to DJ parties using the music that is already on your iPod via Algoriddim’s djay for iPad app and other Core MIDI-enabled apps. Whether […]

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Creative Wireless Speakers

From audio firm Creative comes their latest wireless speakers, the D5XM, due for release in January. Besides the wireless capabilities, the speakers allow up to three units to communicate with each in addition to the ability to set them up as a home theater. A ‘smart’ function makes audio adjustments based on the size of […]

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Three Unique House of Marley Headphones: Reviewed

I recently had the opportunity to test out three unique sets of headphones courtesy of House Of Marley (yes, that Marley). Utilizing the ten-plus flight hours from NY to LA and back, I had time to put all three pairs ot the test. First, I started with the Marley Jammin Collection. This first pair, pictured […]

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Pearl white versions of Pioneer’s CDJ-850 and DJM-850 DJ Mixer

Here’s one for the more experienced DJ – Pioneer has announced a pearl white version of the CDJ-850 digital multi-player and DJM-850 DJ mixer. The releases will offer the same features and quality of the current versions. Available at the end of September.

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