double up charger

Kanex DoubleUp Dual USB Charger

DoubleUp is a Dual USB charging solution for the home or office that enables charging of two iPads at the same time. It provides more power than two power adapters, giving users fast charging capabilities. The featured charging LED indicators will help notify users when their devices are charged. They are offered in both black […]

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Bass Egg

The Bass Egg takes sharing your love for music to the next level by incorporating technology that takes practically any surface and creates it into an induction loudspeaker. Anything is open game for Bass Egg, from the hood of a car to the top of a wooden desk to a glass pane over your coffee […]

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Polk Woodbourne Wireless Speaker

From Polk Audio comes the Woodbourne, another gadget to add to the wireless speaker category. At $599, the Woodbourne is definitely at the higher-end of available options but does arrive with better specs than peers – 2 5.25in drivers, 2in tweetes and a 180-watt amp that should be able to comfortably fill a room and […]

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Bowers & Wilkins A5 desktop speaker

The A5 is a “souped-up” version of Bowers & Wilkin’s MM-1 desktop speaker. It’s probably a bit unfair to label it as a desktop speaker though, as the 80-watt set up also arrives with 2 4in mid/bass drivers, dual 1in tweeters (it should be more than enough juice for an entire room). The price tag […]

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Sony NWZ-W27, waterproof earphones and mp3 players

Designed for individuals with active, aquatic lifestyle, Sony’s NWZ-W27 earphones are waterproof, wire-free, and hands-free. It features eight hours of playback. While the internal memory is a bit skimpy at 4gb, the earphones do compensate by boasting a quick-charge function that adds an hour of playback with a 3 minute charge. Read more HERE.

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fs009 home theatre

FS009 Home Theatre System

Ferguson Hill is an independent UK specialists in high end horn loaded loudspeakers, founded by a former aeronautical engineer. The FH009 is a home theatre system featuring two horn speakers and two bass speakers. The speakers come with di-polar patented technology that avoids sound interference and enhances sound quality. The horn-shaped speakers allow natural amplification […]

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MOS magnetic cable organizer

The MOS (Magnetic Organization System) is a product incepted on Kickstarter, which provides a solution for the messy cable situation for all of your gadgets. The idea is simple enough – the end of your cable is magnetically held in place on the MOS pad. It helps to keep track of wires and doesn’t take […]

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dam drum 2.0

Dam Drum 2.0

From Dam-Funk, Bleep Labs & Stone Throw arrives the second edition of Dam Drum, a handheld drum machine & synthesizer. The gadget allows for four drum sounds, 3 based on the Roland R70 and another after the Juno 106. Details on Stones Throw. Download Stones Throw Podcast 79 for free.

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Numark Redphone

Numark Redphone is designed for DJ flexibility without being constrained to the rig. It features a single, closed-cup swivel design which holds together between your ear and shoulder to use when needed. Redphone comes with a 50mm driver. Purchase HERE.

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Rugged Rukus & Rukus XL, solar powered speakers

Eton continues to expand on its solar powered gadget offerings with the Rugged Rukus and Rukus XL, recently introduced at the CES. Both devices are solar powered speakers, with the latter being the larger of the two. The XL features a 72 square inch solar panel on the top, which boasts all-day streaming with 5 […]

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