elektro exclusive: The Prophet releases “LOUDER” music video

Limitless, overruling, unstoppable, distorted, epic, and raw. Together, the words form the acronym LOUDER, the title of the debut artist album of hard-style pioneer The Prophet. With two decades of experience as an artist and producer, we can hardly call this his “debut.” Hailed the “godfather of hard-style,” The Prophet has continuously proven he isn’t afraid of controversy or of pushing the limits. His music video for the album, which released today exclusively on Elektro, brings together a trippy consortium of religious motifs, shadowy models, an adorable yet sinister little cheerleader, and The Prophet himself, portrayed as the skull-faced ringmaster of the devilish menagerie. As haunting as the visual images of the video is the music itself. Driving hard-style synths carry among them an ominous melody as the beat surges on incessantly to create a kind of Pied Piper military march. In itself, the album represents The Prophet’s perspective as an artist and the emotions associated with the creation of his art.

Preview ‘LOUDER’: https://soundcloud.com/djtheprophet/sets/louder
Watch the trailer: http://youtu.be/uGUfswjb0os
Purchase album: http://hard.st/louder
Purchase album + T-shirt: http://hard.st/loudershirt

1. The Prophet – Tracking The Beat
2. The Prophet – H3Y! (2014 Edit)
3. The Prophet – For The Better
4. The Prophet & Noisecontrollers & Leonie Meijer – Make Me Stay
5. The Prophet – Breaks – In The Mix
6. The Prophet – Hoo-Ey
7. The Prophet & The Anarchist – Triple F (Fight For Freedom)
8. The Prophet – One Moment (Bass Modulators Remix)
9. The Prophet & Rob Gee – Evil Rains
10. The Prophet feat Lilly Julian – Echoes
11. The Prophet & Audiotricz – Conquer The World
12. The Prophet – Embrace
13. The Prophet – Breaks – Fakkin Hardstyle
14. The Prophet – LOUDER
15. The Prophet – The Bizz
16. The Prophet – Breaks – High
17. The Prophet & Adaro – I’m The King
18. The Prophet – Breaks – I Come Correct
19. The Prophet – Punk MF (The Masochist feat. MC Axys Remix)
20. The Prophet – Afsluitplaatje

Connect with The Prophet:

DJ The Prophet for Scantraxx Recordz

Celia Rosa concept

Bill Tanaka concept, director, photography

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  • Heavy

    No way!!!!!!!’nn

  • Stompert_95@gmail.com

    Seriously dude!! FAKKING best clip ive seen in years!!

  • Geronimo001a_002@hotmail.col

    WTF! What a serious clip!!

  • Geronimo001a_002@hotmail.col
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    Nice video..

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    Thx for finally having a fresh vid in the hardstyle scène!!

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