Skrill dropped it so hard that he got sued

Skrillex has certainly become known for his stage dives. Most crowds that get to catch the electronic superstar would consider themselves lucky, but one fan was less than pleased after suffering several injuries due to Skrillex’s live antics.

TMZ reported today that the fan who filed the lawsuit is Jennifer Fraissl, who suffered a stroke due to the injuries caused by Skrillex’s stage dive at the Belasco Theatre Hollywood Pre-Grammy party in February of 2012. She is also suing the venue for not preventing his antics, and looking to be reimbursed for medical expenses, loss of income, and more.

  • Wood

    whoa, this is a joke!!! Stand in the back or don’t come at all. Some people need to re-evaluate themselves.

    • BIG wood

      hahaha fuck skrillex

  • DrunkMau5™

    Skrill must have dropped it hard.

  • lolwhatajoke

    Sounds like another money hungry grub looking for a reason to sue.
    Fucking pathetic.
    Don’t go and rave if you’re a cunt that can’t handle raving. GG

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