Trends in EDM that need to die… now.

You’ve got to take the good with the bad, right? That’s how many people in the dance music community have felt as of late. With every groundbreaking new trend, there are twice as many that we wish would go away. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of trends that have resulted in infinite facepalms. Maybe someday, EDM will live in a world without them. Until then, we can only hope and pray.

  • Joey Corlett

    With some of things in this article, you were right. But with other’s you came off as very ignorant and close minded. To you yeah, that Trap remix is uncreative, but someone who has never heard Trap or anything like this before it could be craziest shit ever! Same again with festival big kick drops and EDM with metal and screamo influences.

    • Z

      So basically….if you don’t know what you’re talking about, even something bad can be good?

      • Joey Corlett

        Yes, it’s all within the eye of the beholder. Every song ever produced or made is subjective. So to just cast out a whole influence of music is close minded, in my opinion anyway. I’m probably being closed minded in someway aswell..

        • Z

          But….knowledge is something learned over time. Even if someone new to the scene loves this type of stuff, with time they’ll more than likely develop the same opinions as well. Is it really close-minded and ignorant to suggest to end something that one assumes will be an inevitability anyway?

    • Trentcast

      Thats really the beauty of EDM. None of it is actually “BAD”. The context in which certain sub genres are understood is just incredibly diverse. I hate Skrillex, Basshunter, and Avicii more than I hate spiders, but I know kids that just rage to his shit, and good for them, glad they dig something electronic (I’m in Wisconsin).

  • Ryan OH

    I agree with Joey, you seem very closed minded in some of these articles. EDM and music in general is constantly adapting to the times and changing with the trends. If producers didn’t try different things and step outside their comfort zone then we’d all be listening to the same sounding tracks over and over. As far as trap goes. I agree, the majority of trap songs sound the same. But the same can be said about dubstep and minimal. Don’t judge to quick electronic music is going through a interesting phase and is becoming bigger then it’s ever been.

  • Judson Snell

    EDM with metal and screamo influences… so… uh – you meant “Industrial”? The hilarity to many of the elder statesmen is that this has been all done once or twice already. You can bring back 170bpm mutant breaks and reese basslines and call it “KonkeyDong” if you want, but anyone over 35 will say, “oh, you mean ‘drum and bass’?”

    • Z

      I know drum and bass. Not all drum and bass has screaming in it.

  • Robert Cash

    diplo is a producer for many artists and is a sought out producer and does exist outside electronic music world, its not an unnecessary collab….

  • Deadwire

    As hilarious as the “epic mashleg” was with the gif of the girl going nuts (I almost died I was laughing so hard), I must say I’ve never had anything against the Big Room sound. A lot of those drops are redundant, but some are still pretty sick. And the “too many DJ’s in the booth” gif is spot on hahaha. Great article

  • Oscar1129

    I was so let down when I read this article! With a title like that, you should have posted something that was actually worthy! Here are a few that you may have wanted to list:

    1) The neon clothing and slut gear: This is something that should have never entered the electronic music scene, and I know I speak for a lot of us when I say that I hope this will soon be gone (although the way its looking, it wont be soon enough).

    2) Using the term EDM: Keep in mind that electronic dance music, or EDM, can just as easily refer to Tiesto or Armin, as it could J-Lo or Lady Gaga. How about we stick to just electronic music like we had it before the scene went all commercial on us??

    3) Speaking of commercial, how about SFX stop buying out everything this scene has to offer? Its like when you go and buy a bottle of water and then realize that even the bottle of water is owned by Coca-Cola! It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

    4) How about having DJ’s……oh I don’t know…….ACTUALLY DJ!!!!! If you paid your hard earned money to see a MUSICIAN/PERFORMER, and they aren’t even performing, you should be entitled to get your money back! Think of it this way……..if I paid money to see Chris Rock tell jokes at Madison Square Garden, and then Chris Rock came out and just sat there, while he pressed play on the DVD for his last stand up, would you let it slide?! No, you wouldn’t, and you shouldn’t! Same should apply for electronic music!

    5) How about not having to listen to the Beatport Top 20 at every concert or festival? How about we go back to the old school………you know, where talent and originality still existed! You wouldn’t even have to go back that far. Just 7 years ago this scene was in much better shape than it is today.

    6) How about letting new artists prove themselves before throwing out the red carpet? Its pretty ridiculous to have someone like Hardwell be almost a complete nobody, and then the very next year be the #1 DJ in the world. Lets all come down and at least have some perspective, yes?

    7) How about researching before you write an article? Screamo/hardcore mixed with electronic music has been around for about 20 years. Before that there were still hardcore metal bands with an electronic element to their music. Perhaps if you knew more about the scene, other than the last 5 years, and Elektro cared more about its content and gave its readers enough respect to actually hire writers with some type of knowledge or background in this style of music, perhaps articles such as this one would never see the light of day……and rightfully so.

    • PureEDM

      Thank you!! This is a list from someone who’s definitely been a fan of dance music before Avicii, lol. Hardwell is decent, but his sets are not mind blowing. I’ve seen everyone who’s received the #1 honor (Guetta doesn’t count) except Sasha and they all put on amazing shows and have an extensive catalog to back them up. With Hardwell it was a popularity contest.

  • PureEDM

    How about $100+ ticket prices and booking concert venues like MSG over clubs? 7 years ago you could’ve seen the biggest DJ for less than $50 and you were on the dance floor, not standing in an aisle of seating up in the nosebleed section. I stopped going to unnecessarily expensive shows at venues that don’t make sense for a genre rooted in club culture. Not interested in padding anyone’s pocket; I’ll leave that to the newcomers.

    • Oscar1129

      I’ve noticed that as well. Especially here in New York and in Miami. Any DJ now costs $75 or more for any venue, and they usually only play an hour and a half to a two hour set at the most! They play a 3-4 hour set and call it a marathon set! Johnathan Peters used to play for 14+ hours straight here in New York all the time! I understand that music evolves, but this new scene is beyond pathetic! I guess its the new pharmaceutical generation, where festivals are over by 11pm or midnight, DJ’s don’t play live sets, and every festival has the exact same line-up, but creates different stages, as to distinguish themselves from other festivals by their sets and lights instead of the music and its talent. Sad, sad, sad………

      • PureEDM

        Yeah, it is sad, but on the flip side, NYC is a major market so not-so-big DJs still visit at least once a year and still play longer sets at smaller venues for a lot less.

    • SoMuchMusic

      I agree and I work in the promotions business and it’s always the same, how do we make more $$, it disgusts me. I guess cause it doesn’t make me anymore money, just the people that already have too much. But the costs of DJ are RIDICULOUS for playing for 3 hours, promoters have to pay for them too, then you get into $50,000-$100,000 price tags for performances alone.

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