Dash Berlin at Marquee NY EDC afterparty 5/18 Reviewed

Trance superstar Dash Berlin took EDC NY by storm on Saturday playing an amazing show for thousands of people, but he wasn’t finished yet. Later that night he hit the stage at Marquee nightclub for the EDC after party. Full of energy he started off his set with the remixed track “Pressure” by Nadia Ali then going into his remix of Cosmic Gate’s “Over the Rainbow” followed by “Apollo.”

The colorful post EDC crowd with outlandish outfits went wild waving their hands in the air as laser lights took over the venue and confetti streamed down upon them. Dancers took their spot on each side of the DJ booth moving to the sound of the beat with their lavish costumes. Hard hitting bass drops and song lyrics filled the club as smoke sprayed out onto the dance floor.

Dash Berlin kept the crowd moving with “Incredible” by Carnage, mixing into his track “This is New York,” which had everyone jumping in a musical trance. While he spun his remixed track of Nadia Ali’s “Rapture,” Dash Berlin jumped off stage to take some quick pictures with a few of his devoted fans.

He continued his set with his famous hit “Man on the Run” and “Waiting” ft. the lovely vocals of Emma Hewitt. Dash Berlin then started to throw some rubber wrist bands into the crowd as people rushed to catch them, but the night wasn’t over yet, lights flashed and the tracks kept rolling.

Dash Berlin began closing out his set with “Better Half of Me” as the video played on the screen behind him. This was a night well spent with the world renowned trance DJ who never upsets! His next upcoming events on the east coast will be on June 29 at Soundgarden Hall in Philadelphia, PA and July 13 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. Be sure to catch him there!

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