Dirtyphonics “Walk In The Fire” EP

The French have confirmed time and time again that they are some of the most innovative producers in electronic music. One of the best examples of the talent that comes out of the EU powerhouse is Dirtyphonics. The Dim Mak duo has tampered with almost every subgenre of EDM possible and will be releasing their newest album “Irreverence” this upcoming March 19th. The second release off the album, “Walk In The Fire,” is a wild drum and bass wonder that fuses heavy metal with earth shattering screams. This single is fundamentally unlike anything you have heard before. Also released with the original are remixes by Schoolboy and Culprate. Schoolboy takes a purely electro spin on it. He relinquishes the heavy metal, and completely molds the track into his own piece. Culprate’s rendition blends metal and electro and adds in a few heavy womps for good measure. This track its truly unique in its execution and will have you lusting for the release of Dirtyphonics entire album coming this spring.

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