‘Like a Boss’ Speaker Case

Want to impress your friends at home? The ‘Like a Boss’ speaker case should do the trick. A Gold with brown leather alligator trim RauchBauch with a Bose 2 channel set up. Guests will be blown away by this! Keep a look out as its sold out now.

Case dimensions: 18″W x 13″H x 6.5″D
40 watt amp with volume, bass & treble control
3.5mm jack connects to any iPhone/MP3 player (cord included)
Acoustic foam interior
Rechargeable battery with 8+ hours of play time (charger included)

Check out more HERE.

  • David

    Thanks for the write up. One thing to know is that this case is one of a kind. Like A Boss his part of a larger collection of totally varied one of a kind vintage suitcase boomboxes sold at http://www.curiousprovisions.com

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