Electric Joy Ride “Fall Down” The Remixes EP Out Now

We loved the original by Electric Joy Ride and Brenton Mattheus for its upbeat melodies and dance-y showcase of synths. Now, to keep our ears happy, the team has brought us a collection of remixes by some of the most promising up-and-comers in the scene. Vancouver DJ and producer Moie brings us a remix for the festivals and the big-rooms with its soaring melodies and euphoric vibe. UK-based Galaski follows with schizoid soundscape that starts off chill and transforms into a bass-heavy slammer that will grip you whether you’re ready to rage or not. Fellow UK producer Pistol Shrimp gives us a little taste of electro by breaking up the beat and injecting the track with a delectable dosage of bass, before the drum and bass hard-hitters Though & Process speed up the energy with their 170 BPM take on the track. This one is “Fall Down” at the speed of light, and it’ll have you feeling like you’re vibrating at the same frequency. Check out all the remixes and find which speaks to you.

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    Appreciate the post though! <3

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