Elektro Exclusive Interview: Eric Prydz on his upcoming NYC show, podcast and more

On November 21st, Eric Prydz is giving his New York fans something to be extra thankful for.

During the Swede’s long-awaited stint in the U.S. this summer, he headlined the traveling Identity Festival and performed a slew of solo dates. “New York was obviously one of the highlights on my schedule,” he says. However, his July 28th show at Beekman Beach Club was shut down by the NYPD after he played “two and a half records.” “It was just devastating for me. I know a lot of people were upset about it, but it upset me the most.”

So, to make things right for his fans, Prydz is hosting a massive Thanksgiving Eve show at Roseland Ballroom that he promises will be “off the hook.” What’s more, the tickets’ $39.95 price point will make the show accessible to all of his fans. “I’m playing for free, not making anything [off the show],” he explains, “so we can get the ticket price really low.”

From our brief conversation with Prydz, it was quickly apparent that the date means a great deal to him after this summer’s Beekman snafu. The DJ now has something to prove, both to fans and himself. “Everyone who missed out when we did it at Beekman can get a second chance to see me play, and I can get a second chance to play for them,” he says.

The show will also serve as a celebration of the release of Prydz’s new single “Every Day,” which will be released on Beatport October 15th, followed by a four-track EP hitting iTunes October 22nd. The EP will include the official release of fan favorite “We Are Mirage,” Prydz’s mash-up of the Pryda track “Mirage” and Empire of the Sun’s “We Are The People.” The standout single “Every Day” is impeccably produced track that mixes a deep-house vibe with uplifting, melodic lyrics and and a sparkling drop. He premiered the track in the second installation of his monthly EPIC Podcast, and Prydz was overwhelmed by fans’ reactions. “The response has just been crazy,” he says.

“To be honest with you, I don’t understand why I didn’t start the podcast earlier,” he says with a laugh. “I can show people my world and the music that I’m really excited about. I can decide to play a track I made the same day. People are down with the podcast because they want to hear something new, you know?”

The idea of introducing fans to new sounds is central to Prydz’s ethos, both as a DJ and producer. “I make the music that sounds fresh and feels right for me,” he tells us. “I always try to make the music that’s missing in my record box at the moment, not to release but to play out in my sets. When people come to hear me live, they know they’re going to hear something they haven’t heard before.” And, in a scene in which DJs “[play] the same tracks in a different order,” according to Prydz, his deep, immersive sets are a welcome change. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for his Roseland show – make sure to buy your tickets this Friday, October 12th, on LiveNation.

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    ““Every Day” is impeccably produced track that mixes a deep-house vibe ” deep house? are you serious….

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