Fashionably Loud: elektro’s spin on the most stylish DJ’s

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, the fashion industry is looking ahead to the trends of Spring 2013. But just as important as tracking trends is having a signature look, a go-to sartorial statement that works day in and day out. Some of our favorite DJs put this principle into practice with their finely-tuned fashion senses – so much so that their style choices have become part of their identities as artists. Check out elektro’s picks for the most stylish DJs in dance music, from David Guetta and his luxe looks to A-Trak and his fedora (which even has its own Twitter account).

  • Cassandra Melia

    U guys forgot the danish guy Morten Breum – by far the best looking dj out there and style is NOT what any of ur above mentioned knows about. Forget the politics and get ur facts right.

    • James

      that is your opinion… NOT a fact. buy a dictionary,

  • George Crooney

    How in the world did you not mention Mark Ronson?

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