ELEKTRO EXCLUSIVE: UR1 Music Festival to Premiere during Art Basel

UR1 Music Festival is a two full days of music and art coinciding with the world’s largest Art Community Gathering. The festival is headed up by Alex Omes and Emi Guerra principles of GO BIG Productions and producers of Masquerade Motel, Back In Black, and The Surfcomber Pool Parties. The event will take place December 8th and 9th in Downtown Miami during the 11th annual Art Basel. Additional location details and lineup will be announced throughout the summer.

“It is time the bar was raised. We are not putting up a stage for fans to stare at, UR1 will be a 4D experience. We have some of the most creative musicians and artists in the world participating and have given them carte blanche so come up with their “dream” performance,” says Alex Omes; co-founder Ultra Music Festival.

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