Elektro Exclusive: What is Seapunk? An Interview with the Creators

Where are both of you originally from?

Albert: I’m from Kansas City.
Shan: Yeh, we’re both from Kansas. Didn’t know each other growing up or anything. We actually just met last year in April.

How did you two meet?

Albert: At a My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Show.
Shan: Albert booked them in KC, we met there.

Who are both of your biggest influences in music?

Albert: Of all time? I don’t know if I could answer that just yet. But, as of recent I’ve really been into Chymera, Alaska & Seba, Calibre and Nina Kraviz.
Shan: I’ve been working in records stores for a little shy of 10 years and find it nearly impossible to answer this question.

How long have you been DJing and producing?

Albert: I started DJing and making tracks around age 16.
Shan: I started producing in 2008 with Acid/Sound Forge. I used to spin vinyl for parties and festivals when i was living in California. Now I DJ events we put on, but I’m doing it from the laptop.

What is Seapunk?

Albert: A meta-texture.
Shan: See above.

Where did the idea and name Seapunk come from?

Albert: The idea was pre-existing in a group of friends, the name came from a friend posting it up on twitter.

Do you see this genre of music moving forward?

Albert: Cross-over typically helps new styles emerge, so I hope this sort of abstract “genre” can help new sounds emerge.
Shan: Seapunk’s not really a genre. It’s more of a lifestyle that encompasses fashion, sound, ideology etc. But, I mean, as far as the sound that’s been associated with this movement and where I see it in the future… I guess I’d say that, just as any other sound or ‘genre’ it has left its initial mark in time and will continue existing in space and time, influencing or corrupting.

What other artists are apart of this movement?

Albert: From our camp we support the Coral Records crew, recently though I’ve been seeing more and more producers try to adapt what their interpretation of the “seapunk sound”.
Shan: It’s basically me and Albert and the producers we work with for the label. Also, artist Kevin Heckart who is best known for the Coral Records visual design. Lots of midwest vibes.

What made you want to start Coral Records Internazionale?

Albert: I wanted to produce and curate quality content.
Shan: Coral Records was Albert’s idea. I left for tour in the summer of 2011 and when i got back he had thought up the idea to start the label and instantly i was on board. It seemed like a natural movement in progression, a great idea and he has great taste. It’s been fun bringing unknown artists into the light who are so deserving.

Who is a part of the record label?

Albert: Myself, Shan, and Kevin Heckart are the main pieces.

What artists in any genre of music would each of you most like to work with?

Albert: John Dahlbäck, Soulja Boy, Chymera. Not in any order though.
Shan: I usually work alone and the last time I worked with another artist it was a nightmare. But, I wanna work with Rupaul cos I think It’d be like being on ecstasy for days but other than that I actually can’t think of anyone else… I’d work with Albert. We’ve been tossing around the idea of working on a track together but… We’ll see, we do a lot of other work together as it is. The timings gotta be right.

What can people expect from both of you as individual artists in 2012?

Albert: A couple of releases on vinyl, more shows, hopefully a tour in the works. I’m not supposed to disclose the details yet.
Shan: Time for me to release a new album so I’m shopping labels for that. Feels like we’re in different cities, USA every week so some international dates would be great and yeh, we’ve been working out details for an international tour.

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