Deadmau5 at Minecon

If you are one of the 660,000+ followers of Deadmau5 on Twitter (lest we mention his 4.5+ million Facebook fans), then you’ve probably noticed he’s a huge fan of Minecraft. He has created his own Minecraft YouTube videos, and if you have been to a live show, you have seen the Minecraft world incorporated onto the screens and the cube he performs with. Recently Mr. Mau5 attended the two-day convention in Las Vegas known as Minecon. Of course it was only right that he performed at the after party at XS Las Vegas, where he just signed a fresh new contract.

Judging from the videos that have come out from this event, the night was a huge hit. The video below showcases Deadmau5 wielding a prop Minecraft sword and dropping one of his biggest hits of all time. After this incredible weekend for the Minecraft community, Deadmau5 has solidified himself in the culture, and is a more of a staple in this world then ever before. Watch out President Obama, we envision mau5 ears taking over the White House.

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